Animate Miami 2014 Bigger than Last year!



Cosplay, games, prizes, wrestling and celebrities wall to wall what more can you ask for? Well how about free tickets to this fun packed weekend event. Well “ask and ye shall receive. At least for me Guesly Daniel the winner for CWSFL’s contest for ANIMATEMIAMI 2014 and recipient of the grand prize 4 Free tickets to the event.

This was an opportunity I could not pass up; I went with my camera, a host, and a microphone with the intention to gage the people’s reaction to being at such and event you won’t believe what happens next.
“Animate” is in its’ second year of its’ convention life. Started by Mike Figueras known to many as “SuperCon Mike” in January 2013 is now stepping out from under the shadow of Florida SuperCon. With great voice over actors in the anime world such as John DiMaggio (voice of “Jake the dog” in Adventure time), Olivia Olsen (voice of “Marceline’ in Adventure Time), and Dana Snyder (Voice of “Master shake” Aqua Teen) lines formed around the corner for quick pictures and autographs from their favorite characters.

The fun doesn’t stop there before long we have the Wrestling show presented by Florida Super Championship Wrestling. Where we get to see an array of our favorite anime and super hero characters in the ring portrayed by professional wrestlers. We were lucky enough to interview Snake Master Jeff who graced us with his presences as “Kraven the Hunter” for the event.

Snake Master Jeff is what some might consider a legend in the professional wrestling business with “30 years” under his belt. As a manager and trainer he gets to usher in the new generation of stars today. When asked how he felt about Animate and what he does it was well put together with one phrase, “I won’t trade it in for nothing in the world”.

The highlight of the night was the Cosplay competition where we were privileged to see many creative and detailed costumes from all genres. In my opinion every who went all out are winners but their can only be one who stands a top the mountain. Standing tall, as champion is a mammoth creation called Marian Cross and Grave of Maria. These are characters from the anime series D.Gray-Man. Our Cosplyer was noted saying “Both costumes were entirely made by myself in 11 days. I try to make show pieces that are ambitious and original. Parading in costumes that people have never seen before costumes with incredible satisfaction.

A single person has never done this particular cosplay, since two people usually cosplay it. It was heavy and a ton of work but definitely worth the effort. Hope you guys like it!” And Like it we did! Along with many others voting him top cosplayer of the CON.

Just when you thought the night was over the main lobby closes down and the second hall opens up for the rave. A night of fun, music and glow sticks with a cosplay theme. Just like that 3 days have gone by and it is back to the regular everyday routine until Ultracon in February, Megacon in March, and Supercon in July. Remember we are all characters of life so Cosplay everyday!


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  1. Mr. Cheeze February 2, 2014 at 8:48 am - Reply

    Dope!!! Dope!!! Dope!!!! Great footage!!! when does Animate come to NYC??? I actually want to check it out with my homey Doyle, he LOVES these events!!! Great piece!!! Awesome footage!!!

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