Baked Zombies

Zombiecon this year brought a delicious bunch of people together.  There were all sorts of creepy treats around.  My favorite,  Wicked Confections, had cake pops of all flavors.  I tried dark chocolate with ghost peppers and it was to die for.  Honestly it was such a beautiful blend of sweet with a spicy twist.  Unusual and delightful.  The ladies of Wicked Confections were wonderful and helpful.  They have an amazing gallery of their baked goods.  Check them out and give some support.  Above is baked art from Cake Cartel located in Fort Myers.  Along with these ghoulish cakes they had cupcakes with brains, fingers, and maybe some toes.  This was the only time I was excited about creepy crawlies being in my food and I look forward to it again.


M.K. Lynn
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While acquiring a BA in Media Communications, I had the good fortune to take a few amazing Superhero and Comic Book courses. I also started a Zombie Awareness and Survival club, so students from diverse majors could survive the school year together.

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  1. Tabby November 14, 2012 at 6:13 am - Reply

    Cake Cartel rocked!!! We stopped by and bought some just because they looked so ghoulish but the taste?? INCREDIBLE!!!! I turned around and bought 2 dozen for my friends that night !! Rock on you guys! Youre innovative and yummy!!!

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