BTL Collectibles Show – 8/31/13


Hi all, and welcome to another of my con/show reviews. This one covers the monthly BTL show located inside the Miccosukee Hotel and Gaming center located off of SW 177 ave and 8st in Miami.

This show was interesting because not only did it have comics as the main fare, but also carried toys of many types, such as Star Wars, G.I.Joe, and Marvel Universe lines from Toy Biz to Hasbro’s current Legends line. There was also a surprise guest at the show as well: Cosplayer Alexia Jean Grey, who was there as Poison Ivy, selling her many prints, which included not only her as Ivy, but also as Black Widow, and her more famous ‘body painted MJ’ look. Although I myself wasnt able to buy any books like I tend to do at these shows, I did see a huge variety of books ranging from the Silver Age from one dealer, to more modern books from the last 2 months from another dealer, Orly, who is also the organizer and host of this show.

Overall, other than the late afternoon storm, and DragonCon this same weekend, the show was a good one, and crowd turnout was good as well. I hope to make it to another show in the future, time and money available, and their next show is next month on Sunday Sept. 29 from 9am-5pm. Til next con/show review, seeya, and as always comments are welcome about my reviews.


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JDOC is a longtime comic geek whose love for comics and classic animation (WB/HB/ MGM/Disney) knows no bounds. Hes been to many conventions in Florida over the years since the early 90's, including Megacon since 2003.

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