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Hi all, im back, and this time im reviewing the Creator-Owned Expo show, held in Broward County on Sat. August 3, 2013, at the Universal Palms Hotel located on 4900 Powerline Road, just before Commercial Blvd. Truthfully, I really wasnt planning to go to this show at first, but I figured why not, with the admission price of only $5, lets just say I’d take a shot and see what was going on, which turned out to be a very good thing for myself.

Besides the usual fare of comics, anime, and toy dealers, there were also many different independent publishers, some of whom were at Ultracon a few weeks ago, as well as What The Flux Comics was there. There were also other independent publishers, some of whom I had never seen before, and had some interesting fare for their books and series they were selling at the show. One that caught my interest was a futuristic story written and drawn by George Moss titled ‘The Chronicles of Ann & Lo’, dealing with a brother and sister, who are facing impossible odds against an evil alien menace. His website is :, if you’d like to learn more about it.

There were also a few panels at the show,2 of which i was able to get a seat at. The first panel I went to dealt with creating, publishing, and looking good doing it, held by Red Angel writer Erin Pyne, and actress Amy Vitale (Red Angel). This panel spoke about how to be successful in establishing your own career in the entertainment industry, as both Erin and Amy gave their own ways as to how they broke into the industry, by using not only comics, but also writing other books on Erin’s part, while Amy has used acting to further her own personal career in the industry. Erin also gave some insightful ideas as to what you could use to publish your own works, such as using free sites like, and for another $100, you could actually get an ISBN number for your written works from there, so that you could actually legally own the copyright to your personal published works- very insightful indeed. The second panel dealt with how to assemble a successful convention from the ground up, hosted by Aaron Pabon, who also has his own consulting company that aids in setting up successful conventions. Aaron gave his own insights into the reemerging convention scene in South Florida, which hadn’t had as many conventions around until the sudden reappearance of them, thanks in part to the internet. He also gave some information about on average how many conventions each state hosts, based on location itself, and it was pretty surprising that Florida was #1 on that list, with the most at over 50 per year. he then ended by explaining his expertise on the subject, having worked from the ground up at different cons, from volunteering, to security, to even hosting a few shows himself. If you’re ever interested in him helping you to run a successful con, his web address is:

The show also had several guests there besides Amy Vitale and Erin Pyle, two of which were Jenny Lorenzo and Karla Vesper Von Guerra, and several actors who had been on the USA network show Burn Notice.

Overall, this con was a great con to be at, and had many things to do and see, and to top it off they also had a costume contest, one category which was won by a cosplayer dressed as Wonder Woman. I cant wait for their next show, which hopefully will be 2 days next time. As always, til next show, this is the JDOC sayin’ happy con travels and visits, and again please comment on this review, so I can help to improve my reviews, whether its more coverage on people at the show, or more panel coverage, as applicable at each con.

Please note: some pics are by me personally, the rest were supplied to me by Travis Photography with my thanks for his permission to do so:!/TravisScotkaPhotography

here’s some of the pics he took:!/photo.php?fbid=642388152445653&set=pb.481253685225768.-2207520000.1375598876.&type=3&theater!/photo.php?fbid=642399215777880&set=pb.481253685225768.-2207520000.1375598848.&type=3&theater!/photo.php?fbid=642402062444262&set=pb.481253685225768.-2207520000.1375598833.&type=3&theater



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