Fatality Fest 2013

West Palm Beach’s Fatal Weekend


Two weeks ago (June 7th-9th) was West Palm Beach’s very first horror convention – Fatality Fest. The show was created by Andrea Albin of ADA Management Group, who set out to bring a horror con to a new area instead of the usual locations like Orlando or Jacksonville.

Like any first year show, Fatality Fest had some issues, the attendance wasn’t as high as predicted a lot of which was due to Tropical Storm Andrea hitting West Palm Beach on Friday & Saturday. But the weather didn’t stop the show from going on and it didn’t keep the fans from having a good time. The lower number attendees made for a very laid back atmosphere which also meant you could spend more personal time with guests than you normally could.



Even with the cancellation of Tony Todd, Fatality Fest had a very strong lineup of guests. Especially strong considering it’s a first time show.

Guests included Ernie Hudson, Dee Wallace, Christopher Judge, Joe Bob Briggs, Camille Keaton, Linnea Quigley and more. It was great meeting Scott Spiegel who co-wrote Evil Dead 2 and to hear his views on the Evil Dead remake and modern horror in general. We also loved meeting the Soska twins Jen & Sylvia. The Soskas were promoting their new movie American Mary. By the way the Soskas are also huge comic book fans and we had a blast geeking out with them.

Nicole Vlachos & Justin Jordan were also in attendance there promoting their shows Underground Horror Radio & Not For Air Radio. You’ll be seeing more from them on FGS very soon.



While the tropical storm cancelled their Friday zombie walk it didn’t interfere with the rest of Fatality Fest’s events.

There was a blood drive and a silent auction. Movie screenings throughout the day followed by Q&A’s & panels with the guests. There was even local food trucks set up outside of the show (why more conventions don’t have food trucks is beyond me).

It was nice to see two great charities Scares that Care  & Safe Harbor Animal Rescue  (both GREAT charities) at the show taking donations and sharing information with attendees.



No convention is complete without a vendors room and Fatality Fest had so many vendors they had to expand into a second room. While there may have been a lot of vendors there was only a small handful selling horror-related merchandise.

From what we understood the show reached out strongly to the crafting community and nearly all the vendors sold jewelry or clothing.

We were glad to see familiar faces like Kitch & Crossbones & Sexy Beast Apparel & Zombie Love Squad and met new friends Green Owl Clothing.

Oakland Park’s CJ’s Comics had a booth with great prices on graphic novels so I didn’t leave empty handed.



The convention’s location was the West Palm Beach Marriott (near the downtown Tri-Rail station if you’re a local).

The convention area was spacious with the rooms split for vendors, films/panels & guests. It was clean, air-conditioned and the staff were friendly so no complaints there.

If you were hungry or in need of caffeine the hotel had it’s own restaurant and a Starbucks at the bar.

We didn’t stay overnight but the Marriott did have a discounted rate for Fatality Fest attendees and from what I heard the rooms were nice.



When you got past the weather & vendor issues, Fatality Fest was a fun show with a great bunch of guests.

With their first show under their belt Fatality Fest is already looking towards the future. A little over a week after the con they announced they will be doing 4 yearly conventions in Florida with it’s 2nd coming up this October (11th-13th) in Ft Lauderdale.



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  1. OptumEX June 20, 2013 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    Good show. Real good guests. My friends and I had lots of fun and are looking forward to the next one.

  2. Swingit954 June 20, 2013 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    Who are the 2 babes in the first photo with the lady from E.T.?

  3. Murrow June 20, 2013 at 5:04 pm - Reply

    Soska Twins! Sisters of Canadian horror!

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