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Last weekend I went to Geek Fest Florida 2013. I was pretty excited because I had been going through con-withdrawal. It also gave me an excuse to wear my Jedi costume that I had been working on. Admittedly, I hadn’t actually completed it at that point in time, but I was able to cover up the flaws. Since it was just going to be me, I hitched a ride with my cousin and invited a few friends along. I stayed for a little more than six hours and enjoyed every bit of it.

Geek Fest was a very small con and lasted a single day. Normally people tend to avoid such small cons because they’re known to be crowded, stinky, and/or uninteresting. With Geek Fest, this was most certainly NOT the case. Geek Fest had a really nice homey feel to it, and all the attendees were über friendly and social.

Geek Fest had quite a nice variety of cosplay guests including Freya Fólkvangr, who just so happens to be my favorite Power Girl cosplayer, and Rick Stafford, who is a super impressive Aquaman cosplayer that I had the pleasure to meet. The cosplayers in general were well rounded and each had a selection of prints of themselves in different cosplays. I consider myself to be a cosplay enthusiast, so I was able to fully appreciate the costumes. 501st Legion was there as well and they made jokes and interacted a lot with guests. Darth Vader was especially interesting.

Speaking of cosplay, the costume contest at Geek Fest was a lot of fun to watch. I especially enjoyed the children’s competition because of how cute they all looked! Most of the kids had parents with coordinating costumes and I thought that was adorable. There was a gigantic Deadpool family there and everyone had a lot of fun laughing at their antics. The winner of the cosplay competition was a Thor cosplayer who made the whole costume himself!

I was beyond elated to see that there were many stalls selling comics. This would have been bad considering the fact that I brought my whole wallet along and I was way too giddy, but the deals were amazing. I brought home a nice haul of comics and even purchased some as gifts for my friends. The only thing that upset me was that I could have and should have bought more.

I love art and that is one of the biggest reasons I love comics. Being on Tumblr all day, I see a lot of comic-book-inspired art. One of the artists I met was Vinnie Tartamella. He just so happens to have drawn one of my favorite pieces of DC Universe female-superhero-inspired art of all time. I completely regret not having had bought a print of it from him. However, I did purchase a fabulous print of Power Girl and Princess Leia from another artist there. I am absolutely in love with it and it’s being hung up in my room.

Magic had a nice niche. Geek Fest was being held at Florida Atlantic University, and FAU is known to have a huge MTG fanbase. There were some interesting Magic related events and stalls for my friends and I to enjoy.

Overall, I had fun at Geek Fest. It’s fit for the family and perfect for all different kinds of geeks. You can be on the look out for me there next time.



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  1. John Cruz November 3, 2013 at 10:59 pm - Reply

    no mention of any guests at the show- who was there at the show this year?

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