Geek Fest Florida 2015

Being a student at FAU, Geek Fest is very convenient. I went last year and had a lot of fun. The vendors there are always A+ and have great prices. It’s a small con, but it’s never too crowded or gross. This year it lasted two days instead of one. Geek Fest was much bigger and had more vendors, events, and features. They had expanded from the main ballroom and into the rest of the Student Union with panels on the second floor and gaming tables. I went on Saturday and unfortunately, I couldn’t stay for the costume contest this year, but I did get some awesome graphic novels for just ten bucks!

At around noon,  the 1701st Fleet gave a nice tribute to Leonard Nimoy, may he rest in peace. Unlike last year, Geek Fest had a variety of panels and workshops for prop building, cosplay makeup, costume building, making cosplay armor, a Star Wars pro costume building panel by the 501st, and more. They even had the Raptors of the Round Table, a group that specializes in the conservation of various birds of prey. The masters were a couple cosplaying as Game of Thrones characters, complete with dyed fur. Fitting, isn’t it? Other events included a Starlord Dance-Off, a raffle, the Society Circus Players improv show, a Magic: The Gathering tournament, and a drag show.

There were many vendors, guests, and cosplayers that sold some really cool stuff and had great stories to tell. I met a photographer that knows Yaya Han and even one of my very own Tumblr followers! I enjoyed chatting with the many guests and was able to get some interviews (keep an eye out for an article on that later). Vendors included some of my favorite comic shops like Tate’s Comics and others like CJ’s Comics and Toys and Glen Cohen Books.

Overall, Geek Fest is always something to look forward to whether you want to enter the costume contest, have a casual hangout with friends, buy some cheap merchandise, or just get some laughs. It’s local and accessible, which is great considering the area has a distinct lack of comic book shops. I enjoyed seeing the show expand and grow, attracting more visitors than ever.



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