Geekfest 2016

GeekFest took place on March 26th and 27th of 2016. Sorry for the late review.

Hi all, and as always welcome to another of my con reviews. I apologize for the delay in writing this, but personal things came up, one of which was a work promotion long overdue on my end. This review covers Geekfest 2016, which was held on the FAU main campus in Boca Raton at its usual venue located at the Student Union Center.

This year, Geekfest had the largest amount of cosplayers ever for one show, as well as 2 featured main guests: Brian Muir, the man responsible for creating the Vader and Stormtroopers’ costumes for the original SW trilogy (eps 4-6), and Larry Hama, the creator of most of the G.I. Joe characters during Marvel Comics’ run from 1982-1995 for Hasbro, which were made into figures for the toyline itself.

The cosplayer list was rather huge, but since I cant remember every cosplayer who was there, I’ll try to list who I do remember (also, anyone not credited on here who was featured at the show, please respond back in the comments section and I’ll edit this article to include you later after publication as an oversight on my part and apologies made in advance). In no particular order (*- 1st time app. at geekfest): Nerd Bunny, Ellei Marie, Surely Shirley, *Star Kat Cosplay, *Ai Tenshi Misha Cosplay, Catwoman in Miami, *Jason Evans (Jet Cosplay), Danica Rockwood, Amy Nicole Cosplay, *Electrish, Gothic Sushi, Harley’s Love Shack, Ivy Cosplay, *Starner Cosplay, *Carrie Marie, Geekgirl421, *Seraphima and Kyleigh Cosplay, *Chloe Taylor-Lauren.

Besides the cosplayers and guests, there were vendors at the show, as well as reps from both the 1701st Fleet for Star Trek, and the 501st Garrison for Star Wars, and video games sponsored through Microsoft, as well as minitournaments, one of which was for Street Fighter.

There was also an after hours show following the cosplayer competition on Saturday, which featured more adult themes ala burlesque, of which several entertainers were involved: Ruby Rapture, Orion Slave Girl Revue courtesy of Hips of Destruction, and Cupcake Burlesque. There was also an after party mixed in, courtesy of it being held by FAU’s The Burrow location, which was in the same area as the Student Union, which was slightly delayed at first due to the smoke machine test causing the fire alarm system to go off (kudos to their alarm system being so sensitive, and for the fire dept arriving in a timely fashion to insure it was only a false alarm so that the show could go on as planned). The after party lasted until closing, which was 12am. There was another cosplayer competition held Sunday to end the show’s festivities, after which it was time to pack up and head on home.

To end things, the all you can eat buffet for the second year in the cafeteria was excellent with its many offerings from salad to sandwiches. Overall, this was the 4th year of Geekfest held there, but this is sadly to be the last year for it at this location. A new location will be found though for next year, so dont fret Geekfesters. As always this is the JDOC signing off, and until next con, which will be Megacon in May (run by the new owners FXEXPO) see ya and enjoy whatever shows you can go to.


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