Hero Hype Con 2013



Hello all. This weekend i had the honor of attending the first Hero Hype Con on sat. 6/8/13 inside the Ramada hotel located at 1950 w.49 st in Hialeah, Florida by the palmetto (826) expresssway near Miami.

This con offered many things, from free video game playing on the following systems: Nintendo 64, xbox, and Playstation 2, to comics, to original artwork by Darkside Productions, to even having your own special photo shoot done of yourself for a great price, along with having the usual fare of comics and toys available. The show also had a costume contest, in which the first place winner received a custom helmet from Grifter’s Custom Creations.

The 2 main highlights from the show were:

1. A special screening of a fan film featuring Batman/Spider-man together loosely based on DC/Marvel’s Batman/Spider-man graphic novel from around 2000. This movie even had an appearance by Amy Vitale as Poison Ivy, Amy being well-known in the convention circuit for her portrayal of Red Angel, as well as several wrestling appearances around the U.S., and being a talented actress as well on the small screen. Once the movie screening was done, all those who saw the film were able to get a free finished copy of the movie if they provided their information, since at the time of screening the final scenes hadn’t been completed yet, as the director (also the Con’s host, Carlos) was contemplating which one of two endings he would use in the final cut, but the completed cut will have the final decided ending, and once I do receive it I will do a full future review on here of it, so stayed tuned.

2. The costume contest itself. There were many different cosplayers from 3 great Mandalorian warriors, to Assassin’s Creed, to even a children’s category, and everyone came out winners in the end. But the grand prize, as mentioned earlier, was won by a Red Mandalorian warrior, who received a Jason Todd Red Hood ‘new 52’ helmet. The main highlight though, was the dance competition as part of the contest, in which most of the participants danced to old school anime (Sailor Moon theme song- American dub) and MMPR (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers).

Overall, this show, although small, was a great one, and I had a great time at the show, since as I stated before, there were many things to keep you busy while there, as well as other items of interest. This is a show I will be returning to come next year, as more things I’m sure will be there to make it even greater. So, til next show (Supercon 2013), I’m out- see ya 🙂

Please note: I will show more photos as I have them downloaded, but here’s a few to tide you over til the rest are on here.


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