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Well, another year has come and gone at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, home to The Largest Comic/Sci-Fi/Animation show in the state: Megacon. This Year’s show, held March 15-17, was unlike any other as the attendance on Saturday was enormous. The entire hall was packed with wall-to-wall people on Saturday as they waited in line to get their autographs from cast members of Star Trek:The Next Generation, the longest line belonging to Capt. Picard himself, Sir Patrick Stewart. There were several other lines for actors as well, such as one for Dean Cain (Lois and Clark:The New Adv. of Superman), Michael Hogan (xo Col. Tigh In Battlestar Galactica-2003 remake series, from whom I was able to get an autograph and pic w/him to add to my 2003 cast photo), Lou Ferigno (Incredible Hulk 1970?s tv series- Hulk), and Gigi Edgely (Chiana on Farscape), as well as voice actors such as Tara Strong (Powerpuff Girls- Bubbles). There was also a ST:TNG panel on Saturday night for 2 hrs., in which the cast members, as well as several surprise guests, would recall their memories of the show, and their fun highlights (which I didnt go to due to funds not available to go- $45 minimum for seating from rows 11-back; $75 rows 6-10 (sold out before the panel) and $125 for the first 5 rows).

For Friday and Sunday, the hall wasn’t as packed, but there were many different exhibitors around, as well as the annual booth hosted by Hero Initiative, an organization dedicated to helping out any comic book writers, artists, inkers,or colorists, who are in need of financial assistance when unexpected things occur to drain their personal funds. This is an organization I highly support every year I go by contributing to them when they have thier featured artists and writers (This year’s batch included George Perez as always (and as a bonus if you got there early enough in line you were given a ticket to get a quickie head sketch for $40 from him (of which I did, mine being Princess Leia- Endor Ewok village dress), as well as Gail Simone (Batgirl, Birds of Prey), perennial X-men writer Chris Claremont, and Whilce Portacio to name a few). Also present was Adam Hughes, with his charity to donate to, which cares for elderly English Sheepdogs who have been abandoned by their owners (and being a dog lover I also contributed there as well) through food, adoptions,and medical care.

For this convention, this year’s featured guest of honor on the comic book side was Neal Adams, a comic book pioneer and longtime writer/artist, who not only has worked on DC and Marvel titles over the years, but also had his own studio, Continuity Studios, of whom the late Dick Giordano was part of. For the guest of honor on the celebrities’ side, Sir Patrick Stewart had that distinct honor.

Besides the comic and tv side of things at the show, there were also other activities as well held there, such as the annual bellydancing held by longtime guest and DC artist George Perez’s wife, Phoenicia Flynn, and the annual Speed dating, as well as the usual panels held by several DC and Marvel artists and writers. There was also many other different panels around, including the anime and anime and costume contests. This year, I missed the annual photo op for cosplayers that they have outside the hall entrance nearby, but i heard it was a bit crazy, especially the DC Villains shoot (which was the main shoot for this year, as well as a Saturday night clubbing event as well, which i also unfortunately missed, but may not next year).

Back to the booths- There many different things to check out, from comics, to toys, to posters, to supplies, to even fake weapons. If you couldnt find it there, it wasnt brought there then. Also, there was the artists’ alley, which not only featured several known artists, such as Jose Marzan and Greg Horn, but independent artists as well, trying to make a name for themselves at the show, such as my friend, Greg Scott Bailey, whom i had the pleasure of seeing again this year after meeting him for the first time last year, and hearing his pitch for his new book, coming out in April 2013, called Mocktales (which im anxiously awaiting as this is being written). Also, there was Golden Age artist Alan Bellman, who worked on Captain America in the late 1940?s for then-Timely comics, and whose company i enjoyed as i went up to his booth and purchased an original Cap print from him, and took a pic w/him as well.

This year was also surprising, because this was the first time a cosplayer was allowed to host their own panel on costuming, and trick and tips on how to create that costume you want to wear. This cosplayer, well known throughout the convention circuit, was Alexia Jean Grey, who has her own website, , which is a great website, and she as her own fanpage on facebook as well:!/AlexiaJeanGreyFanPage?fref=ts
She is a very sweet person, so if you ever see her at a con dont be shy and walk up and say hi. Besides her cosplaying choices for this year (Poison Ivy Fri., Red Sonya warrior Sat., and Black Widow Sun.), there were many other people dressed up in cosplay as their favorite characters, as well as myself (this year’s choices- battle damaged GL from last year, and Dr. Hugo Strange (an amalgam of both the animated ‘The Batman’ series and DC characters)). There were also other famous cosplayers out there, such as Alisa Marie, Cosplay Girl:Victoria (making her 2nd app. from last year), Danny and Heather Kelley, Lucid Cosplay, Nana Valtiel, and Margie and Ned Cox.

Overall, Megacon 2013 was one of the best Megacons over the years, and i hope to be back again next year to see what else will pop up to surprise me at the show, as well as add to my autograph collection from both the comic, tv, and animation worlds.

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  1. Ricky Felix March 21, 2013 at 11:48 pm - Reply

    MEGACON was amazing, I met Michael Hogan and he fixed my hood and talked for a bit. Loved it this year!

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