MegaCon 2017: Cosplay Setplay Is A Thing, Total Fan Immersion Guaranteed

Another MegaCon has come and gone this 2017 and quite frankly it seemed to run like a well oiled machine. Upon my observations, lines were organized in a fashion to direct photo op fans to their appropriate locales.

Although there were some human log jams in certain avenues of the convention, I would consider them naturally occurring as it seems to be on par with the ebb and flow of normal rivers. Cease in crowd flow were due in part by cosplayers who had to stop as numerous fans halted to take photos of their favorite characters.

Speaking of which, therein lies the benefit of off-traffic or “setplay” vendors taking these photo ops off to the side and away from the crowds in contained areas. Cos A Commotion Cosplay, Cecil Grimes Cosplay, and Zombie Charm School bedazzled fans in the form of offering up professionally made photos with their favorite characters, some of which were specially designed, real-life dioramas with detailed back drops featuring intricate details from their favorite shows. There is also a choice of props at one’s disposal depending on your preferred pose.

Cos A Commotion Features Gotham Villains And The GCPD

Cos A Commotion had at their station Jim Gordon, Fish Mooney, and Oswald Cobblepot. Some additions thrown in were Hugo Strange, Edward Nygma, and Jerome Valeska. The booth is run by Shellane and Dean Demarest.

(Photo courtesy of Cos A Commotion)

This duo is accumulating Gothamites as they push through the convention circuit and having recently placed as finalists in the top 3 Spacie Awards for the 2017 Space Coast Comic Con. Come see them as they serve the geek community with its realistic visuals. Prepare to immerse yourself in this prequel show’s cosplay counterpart when wandering the con halls. Be wary of Fish, as she keeps her haunting eye out for you. (Sometimes I think its one of Mooney’s henchmen.)


Cecil Grimes Cosplay Goes From Prison To Alexandria

Cecil Garner, a.k.a. Cecil Grimes, continues to impress with his setplay get-up at a corner end cap at MegaCon with a newly revealed Alexandria clock tower, simulating the painted windows and the characters iconic to The Walking Dead. He continues to impress fans with his likeness of Rick Grimes, his cohort Daryl Dixon, and a wandering walker.

Cecil Grimes continues his cosplay journey towards Niagara Falls Comic Con, improving upon his setplay while Walking Dead cosplay additions filter in and out of his booth.

Enter next is the Zombie Charm School and you could indeed feel the love being spread at that booth. Their passions are channeled via poses with their fans. This pack of merry men (and woman) was under the direction of Michelle Molinari. Witty monikers join the ensemble cast: The Daryl Dude, Trick Grimes, Miss Maggie Maybe, and Schmerle Dixon line-up as they take photos with patrons.

Zombie Charm School’s next stop is at the Walker Stalker in Nashville, TN.

This is a very inventive approach to finding a method of garnering attention to your characters. Setplay seems to be a thing now and with a professionally done look to-boot. What can we expect in the future of setplay as the imagination can bring forth the creative process through these constructs.

(Photos courtesy of Cos A Commotion and Zombie Charm School)


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  1. Dean Demarest June 15, 2017 at 11:39 pm - Reply

    Tony, thanks so much for including Cos A Commotion in your piece. We always appreciate the kind words! This weekend we debut our new Guardians of the Galaxy set at Cosography at the Space Coast Convention Center. Then it’s on to Ft. Lauderdale, Little Rock, Salt Lake City and Tampa. Looking forward to seeing you at the next con!
    Dean & Shellane

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