MineCon 2013


Minecon 2013 happened this past weekend here in Orlando, FL. With over 7500+ fans from around the world attending, Minecon sold out in under 20 minutes.

Notch was there along with Jeb and the rest of the team from Mojang as well as Youtube stars Captain Sparklez, SkyDoesMinecraft, AntVenom and many more.

The 2 day event included tons of Minecraft-related panels, hands-on with different Minecraft game types, costume contests, building contests, a large indie game area (Vlambeer!) and meet & greets. On Saturday night, every Minecon attendee was invited to a private party at Universal’s Island of Adventure theme park. Yeah, they had the whole park to themselves!!!

Overall, Minecon was a great experience for fans if not a little long on the lines – some people were calling it Linecon 2013.

For more Minecraft related material please check out VibraKnife’s Youtube channel.


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