Omni Expo 2014



If you didn’t make it to Omni Expo which took place May 23rd to the 25th sucks to be you buddy! Before you spiral into the dark abyss of uncoolness though, I got you covered with all the info you need to pretend like you did.


The Guests:

First of all this con contained quite possibly one of the most strategically brilliant guest list in quite some time, in that even the newbieiest of geeks could recognize what they’ve done if not who are they are. They also happen to be some of the most down to earth, knowledgeable and hilarious people you have ever met in your life. Among them were Chris Sabat (DBZ’s Vegetita) Ellen McLain (Poral’s Glados) Team Four Star (the coolest abridgers on the net) and Matthew Mercer who was recently cast as Levi for Attack on Titan (but he will always be neo-Tygra to me).


Guest wise I have to say Ellen and her husband John Patrick Lowrie (Sniper of Team Fortress) hands down stole the show, and it wasn’t just because John won the Cards Against Humanity Tournament on the 24th at Player 1 Video game Bar. Both were as warm and charming as they were personable, taking time out to advise future prospective voice actors and improve-ing some of the funiest dialog with cosplayers


 The cast of Bleach also tricked out their voice acting panel with fun ideas on dealing with tele-marketers



Not to mention Chris Sabat says over 9000!!!! O_O



Do I really need to tell you about how awesome Team Four Star is? In short, the same  people who utilized their awesome to pull themselves from mediocrity to ultimate Youtube stardom bring that same awesome in person. Even when you jack their pimp goblets…

Most awesomely though, I have to give the big props to my personal hero Matthew Mercer who I have been a huge fan since the new Thundercats. He may not be the most well known of all the guests but this is MY story damnit and I can do what I want…

Not only is Matthew crazy hot, but like many of the others, also shines with his passion for what he does and can drop fun facts such as the war cry of Magfest coming directly from the X-men arcade game found in player 1 like a Lakitu with spiney eggs on Super Mario.


Other Stuff

Another really cool part of the con included Raptor with a Shotgun and their sister company Web Works Props pretty awesome raffle with prizes consisting of kickass helmets like Loki’s and a replica of the Metroid helmet that will be used in the upcoming fan film.


Congrats Dominic!(He won the Magneto)



Panel-Wise, Anime Apex, Sands of Anime and Mythicon came equipped with a huge array of awesome panels and shows, Like Mythicon’s below


True Geeks Radio held a funny as hell script reading of scenes from back to the future with Rob Sims


And who better to learn cosplay from than some of the best in the industry. Or, you know… pretend to be interested in cosplay so you can hear Toni Darling talk about the the art of “Booby Magic” I swear this one guy really took one for the team like “I totally need boobs for this cosplay I’m doing” you really had to be there…


But most importantly, thanks to Sir Jelly and Friends, the back of my car now looks like this





Video and Picture time!!!

This was done by Bruce Edward Carr, you don’t need his card to tell you he’s No Ordinary Balloon Man…




The bottom of that autograph reads: Boom! Headshot! P.S. Buy Dancing with Eternity by John Patrick Lowrie!


~Cupcakes out!


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