Omni Expo- The Prequel


OMNI EXPO IS HERE PEOPLE! Actually it’s going on right now as we speak, If you’re not at one of the coolest places to be this weekend, you probably want to get moving. Awesome anime viewings, super fun contests and tournaments and of course some of the hottest talent around. However you may want to take a break from swooning/stalking your favorite celeb to check out some of these other really awesome events coming at you a little too quick for comfort.

Please refer to your books for dates and times, people worked really hard on those and I kind of got a Con to get to…



Cupcakes list of super happy fun stuff she is doing at Omni Expo and you should too:

The Essentials:


  • True Geek Radio 

True Geek Radio is back! (and possibly still recovering from 8-bit salute) They are not only covering live but are hosting some pretty awesome panels where you can debate the questions in life you actually care about.

  • Sands of Anime Interview Session

Sands of Anime is hiring!! Get in there!! (can I use you as a reference?)

  • The Best in Nerd Music brought to you by Orlando Nerd Fest

ONF, the world’s largest music festival that focuses on Nerd Culture is on it’s way, can’t think of a better way to pre-game.

  • Mythicon Auditions

Mythicon is holding auditions for their stage shows being presented at (you guested it) Mythicon 2014



More super-fun looking panels!:

  • Evil Con Presents “Speed Henching”
  • 50 Shades of Mad Libs
  • Anime Apex Bubble Wrap Party
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • The Amazing Expo Race
  • Suicide Karaoke
  • Anime Apex #Derpin (mini)


 Otaku 101

  • Anime Apex’s Anime and Gamer Diets
  • So You Want To Do Charity Work In Costume
  • MasterEmilyChief and Ryuu Lavitz Cosplay Present: Budget Costume and PropBuilding
  • Lord Zedd’s “The Ins & Outs of Anime Writing”
  • Turning your Cosplay or Craft into a Business w/ Toni Darling
  • Writing for effective air and space combat scenes
  • Facebook has Failed us! It’s Time for a social media takeover


Not to mention a very wide variety of many other panels that are also very cool looking ranging from cosplay tutorials to the zombie apocalypse


 But I think one of the most important question we ask ourselves in times like this is…


Wheres the Party?


Also not an official of the con but you may want to check out


@Bombshells Tavern
5405 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, Florida 32810
If you can’t make it out there is also the Blackout Rave and Club Omni you can find in house. See you there!!

Cupcakes out!



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