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This past Saturday in West Palm Beach was the 3rd annual PalmCon: Palm Beach County Comic Book and Collectibles show. Previously located at the Lake Worth Polish American Club, this was the show’s first time at the much larger Convention Center.

A fan of the old smaller hotel & mall comic shows of the past, local comic publisher Martin Pierro (Cosmic Times) created PalmCon to bring back a similar show to Palm Beach County. Before PalmCon there hasn’t been a show in the county since 2008 at the Fairgrounds.




Media guests included Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Deep Roy, wrestler Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake and Blue Power Ranger Najee De Tiege.

With a strong emphasis on local comic creators the shows guests included Creature Entertainment (The Gun, Zombie Years) who is currently running a kickstarter Campaign with Cosmic Times to get them both to NYCC, Digital Hand Studios (Old Cuban Samurai), James Whynot, Danny Haas, Manny Cartoon & Derrick Fish. Cosmic Times guests included DJ Strong & Mervyn McKoy. Some local stars of the show were Allen Bellman (Golden Age Marvel), Ralph Cabrera (Iron Man), Jose Delbo (Transformers) & Carlos Catellanos (Baldo).

It wasn’t exclusively local artists though, DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver (Batman: The Dark Knight) was also a guest.



Even though it was only a one day show PalmCon has multiple events throughout the day including raffles, an indie-film screening room with local films and the Pow Wow Show broadcasting live.

You could get your picture taken with the Carolina Ghostbusters Ecto-1 and local Ghostbusters groups from Miami and West Palm Beach or a life-size Tardis.

There was table top gaming including a HeroClix tournament and console gaming provided by Stealth Mobile gaming.



PalmCon was definitely a cosplay-friendly show with a large number of entries in their costume contest (hosted by Zippertan).

Like any comic convention there was a large amount of Deadpools, Harley Quinns & Doctor Who cosplayers. There was a lot of great costumes like Queen Amidala, Giant-Man and of course previous PalmCon contest winner Doctor Doom whose son came as Shredder.

Star Wars groups like the 501st Legion and the Mandalorian Mercs costume club also had some awesome costumes.




Local comic shop vendors included Past Present Future, CJ’s Comics, Docking Bay and Heroes & Villains. I’m not sure who had the booth with nearly 50 long boxes of comics but it was fun digging through almost all of them.

There was also local crafters, toy vendors including Irving Santiago (Ultracon) and the Fine Print Shoppe screening t-shirts on-site.

I wasn’t planning on buying that much at the show but ended up leaving with a stack of comics, graphic novels, 2 action figures and a shirt.




This years home of PalmCon the Palm Beach County Convention Center was a much larger location than previous years. The convention center had plenty of space, working A/C and friendly staff and reasonably priced parking.

The main room felt a little like a warehouse though but that make sense consiering it’s a giant empty box that needs to be filled by events.

It will be interesting to see if other conventions consider consider moving to the PBCCC.


outro1For the third year in a row PalmCon did not disappoint. I had a good time hanging out with friends I don’t get to see that often, saw some great art, and enjoyed spending a Saturday afternoon surrounded by things relevant to my interests.

It’s great getting to see a show like PalmCon grow every year and I hope they keep up the good work and continue to grow next year. A big thanks to Martin Pierro and the rest of his friendly staff for giving Palm Beach County a show to call their own.



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Photos by Scott Schlazer & Mike Favata.


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