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No its not over yet! After attending PAX East last weekend, I am now just recouping after the 3 day long convention in Boston, Massachusetts.  I have finally found some time to catch up on everything and reflect how awesome it was. There was just so much to do.

If I could give any advice for anyone it would be to plan ahead and get a hotel as close to the convention as possible. There is so much to do and so little time. Yes, you can see what the convention has to offer just by walking around and not playing anything but that’s not what you paid to do. If you not in line to play Borderlands 2 or see a new clip of Assassin Creed 3. Your probably in line to see one of the panels that they have to offer just to see and hear the team from Mass Effect 3 to complain.

As for new games and game play, PAX didn’t really have any thing all that new. Nothing of breaking news or something we haven’t heard of yet. They did have some new hands on game-play. I would say the biggest was Spec Ops, Borderlands, Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon, and Far Cry 3 were the biggest high lights as in game play.  Max Payne 3 and AC3 did have a long line for some nice video clips of game play. The good thing is that after each booth you went to you got some kind of swag or another. I myself, walked out of PAX with 8 view shirts and a free video game.

One thing that I did enjoy was that it wasn’t crowded or al that busy. Not even for Saturday. It was easy to move about and walk through, unless it was in front of the bigger game play areas that was making a scene (Far Cry), and most of the smaller games you could walk right up and play.  So everyone there should have time to get their hands on almost everything.

I’ll say one of the fan favorites was the dancing/ singing zombies from Plant vs Zombies. The zombie group was dress up in full zombie gear each with a different style head and made a scene where every they went. They played a little of Rock Band and danced it up at the Dance Dance booth. And at each time they had a camera lens pointed at them.

As for PAX night life. There was a party happening somewhere. Three or four at a time on some nights. I was able to check out 2 them. One was a bust, not gonna say who, and the other one was off the chain. It was hosted by World of Tanks and they had a giant ‘Tank’ style cake and an open bar. So yes, any party with an open bar will be a great party.

NOTE: the ‘DOMO’ and ‘Dragon Age’ shirts are from Anime Boston. Other shirts not pictured was not my size and gave away. 

Over PAX East  was pretty cool. Probably not as cool as E3 or PAX Prim, because they get all the newer stuff as most developers wait till then. But any who, it is nice to get something just for east cost people and not keep everything in Cali.



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