Rangerstop Superhero Con – Day 1

Rangerstop Superhero Con – Day 1

 Hi all, and this is Jdoc here, reporting from my new location up here in the Orlando/Central Florida area. Today I covered Day 1 of the 2-day Rangerstop Superhero Convention inside the Doubletree Hotel, located across from Universal Studios Orlando at 5780 Major Blvd, north on s.r. 435 exit 75B from I-4:http://www.rangerstop.com/.

This show will be running again tomorrow from 10-5, and ill give a full post-con report later on with pics, but for now I’ll give a brief overview from today’s events. However, before starting on today’s events, i’ll give the guest list as to who is at the show for today and tomorrow: Nakia Burrise, Jason Faunt, Alex Heartman, Najee De-Tiege, Steven Skyler, and Jason Narvy (Skull-MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, in Space, Lost Galaxy (cameo-intro episode), Super Samurai (cameo- final episode). Unfortunately, due to illness on her part, and previous commitments on his part, Jessica Reyes and Paul Schrier (Bulk- MMPR, Zeo,Turbo, in Space, Lost Galaxy, Samurai/Super Samurai) were unable to make their scheduled appearances for this show.

Today’s events were a great start for this show, as the first one covered a Q&A session featuring Nakia Burrise (Zeo rangers Yellow and Turbo Yellow), and Jason Faunt (Wes/Alex – Red ranger PR Time Force). Although the majority of questions were power-rangers related, they both also spoke of the web series called ‘No Nerds Here’, in which they both appear alongside fellow actress Jessica Rey (White Tiger ranger- Wild Force), who unfortunately due to illness was unable to make this show, and we hope she has a speedy recovery and will visit sometime in the future- Check it out soon online.

As the premiere is scheduled for Nov. 24- for more info follow the link here and ‘like’:https://www.facebook.com/NoNerdsHere. The second panel covered three of the rangers from Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai: Alex (Red), Najee (Blue), and Steven (Gold), and their time on the show. It was a very interesting panel to be on, as a surprise ‘marriage’ proposal was asked by one small fan to Steven, and he accepted it in good humor of course (pics to be seen on my full report later as well as my personal facebook page). The final panel I went to was a bit of a mini-concert of sorts given by Steven, who is also an accomplished musical artist. The songs were from his debut album, which can be connected to on either here: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/StevenSkylerMusic
or here: http://www.stevenskyler.com/.

I enjoyed his performance very much, and it is definitely something to check out if you can tomorrow, because he will be performing again as well at the show. Although there was a costume contest, and a special VIP dinner, followed by a special 18+ Q&A session featuring all the guests, I was unable to attend those due to personal reasons, but I do plan on being there again tomorrow for the continuation of this report in full. So til tomorrow this is JDOC sayin seeya there tomrrow: IT’S MORPHIN TIME!!!! RANGERS TOGETHER, SAMURAI FOREVER!!! RANGERS NEVER QUIT!!!!



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