Twitchcon 2016

I was in San Diego for unrelated reasons when Twitchcon happened, so being the dedicated convention reporter/video game person that I am decided that I should go, not just for me but for all of you reading this as well. However since I’m not very good at this I only went Sunday (the only free day I had (but I used it for you because that’s how committed to you I am)) and didn’t attend any pretensions and just walked around the show floor for 7 hours. Aside from the show floor they also had a tabletop game room with briefcases filled with old spice deodorant at the door, a free play pinball area that had maybe 6 pinball machines set up, a bud light sound garden and some other things.
Lets start with a bit of news, Twitch launched Twitch Prime during Twitchcon. Basically if you have Amazon Prime you can link your Twitch account to unluck little perks like game add-ons and being able to subscribe to one partner channel for free every 30 days. If you have Amazon Prime and a Twitch account you might as well link them but if the perks of Amazon Prime hasn’t already sold you Twitch won’t be the reason.
On to the games:

Battlefield 1 – The first game I played was the Battlefield 1 multiplayer because the Xbox booth was right up front and had only 1 person in line. You could pick one of four classes; Assault, Medic, Support and Scout. I played each class and was just terrible with all of them. I don’t know if I’m just bad at FPS games or if I’m just bad at using a controller since I’m kinda okay at Overwatch.
Super Senso – An RTS on mobile. You pick a character deck and each turn gain crystals to summon troops and destroy enemy troops. at the end of each turn the turn player automatically attacks the opponents main crystal. Destroying enemy troops fills a bar which builds a multiplier to deal more damage to the crystal.
Shardbound – Another RTS game, but this one is a card game too. At the start of your turn you draw a card and gain your resource, you can play as many cards as you want as long as you have enough of your resource (I forget what it’s called). Summoned troops can’t do anything until your next turn. Troops can be melee or ranged. Melee vs Melee always results in a counter attack. The aim of the game is to beat your opponents general. I enjoyed it and will probably pick it up when it’s released. It will also have some sort of twitch integration.
Strafe – Another FPS game. I backed this one on kickstarter because the campaign was just so good. It’s designed to look like an old school FPS game with everything looking very polygonal and super gorey.
Enter the Gungeon Supply Drop update – I love Gungeon and this just adds more good stuff. 2 new playable characters a bulletkin with a sword and a computer. I recommend Gungeon for anyone that enjoys Rogue-likes and the supply drop update just makes it better.
Yiik – A japanese style turn based RPG set in 1999. It has a combat mechanic similar to paper mario and Megaman X Command Mission where you have to actually do something to make sure your attack hits.

She Remembers Caterpillars – A puzzle game where you move an onion/flower person over caterpillars to reach the designated spot. Onion people can also cross caterpillars of the same type and the opposite color doors.

Also a quick shout out to Vain Glory, I don’t know what the game is about but they went all out with advertising so I’m going to mention it to you.

Twitch streaming has been on my mind a lot lately and I’ve been considering setting up an official FGS channel to try and bring you all more video game related content. Let me know either here or facebook or twitter or somewhere if you’d be interested in that. You can also follow me on Twitch as I plan to start streaming more.


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