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Hi there, its me again with another con review for this week. This week covers Ultracon, held at the Ramada Inn at 1960 W.49 St in Hialeah(Miami) Florida on Saturday and Sunday July 20-21, 2013.

This is the 3rd time, but 2nd con for this show held at this location for this year. This show had a few more dealers this time around, ranging from Creature Entertainment, to Crazy Ed’s Comics, to CJ’s Comics, to other dealers and artists at the show as well on Saturday. Sunday, it was changed because the hotel did another double booking, unfortunately, so they lost only Ed for this show, while everyone else was moved around to accommodate the weekly Sunday religious service held there in the other half of the showroom, that was occupied by the show Saturday.

This show was different this time around because they had surprise guests Jenny Lorenzo from Geekgasm.com and Karla ‘Vesper’ Von Guerra, both representing Creature Entertainment at the show on Sunday- Jenny for comics, Karla for Video games. Please check out their respective websites:

Jenny Lorenzo


Karla ‘Vesper’ Von Guerra


They also had Mike ‘The Wolverine’ Rio for a return visit as well for the show, fresh off his last MMA fight in Brazil in May- his next fight scheduled in October in Texas-ill keep you posted when exactly, fight pending. The Bronies of South Florida also made a return visit to the show as well, with new fare for their club. This show had another costume contest on Saturday, with many entries, ranging from a version of Rescue, to a 3-man Justice League consisting of Superman, Batman, and GL John Stewart.

Overall, this show was another great success, but because of the chaos involved with the double booking, it seems this may be the last time the show will be held here in the Miami area at that location, as owner Irving Santiago looks for another place to host the con in Miami- again the hotel’s fault, given I have been here for already 3 cons and the same result happened, with problems ranging from double booking same day (Ultracon), to show banners outside advertising the show inside (Ultracon, Hero Hype con) being contested by the upper hotel management itself the days leading up to and on day of show. Other that those problems, the show again was a great success, and Irving plans another show in October, this time in Broward, at the Cypress Creek Inn Hotel- details to be posted soon on this site, as his future goal is to have the show at least 3-4 times a year, 2 in Broward, 2 in Miami-Dade, so keep an eye out when details are given, as well as future guests and events for the show itself. So til next Con, this is the JDOC signing off.

also, please feel free to comment on this review and any other reviews i do- i would love to see your opinions to make these reviews better for you the readers.



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