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Hi all, and welcome to another of my con reports. This time I’m bringing you another review from Ultracon 2013, the 3rd one held for this year.
This show was held inside the Sheraton Suites at Cypress Creek- 555 NW 62nd street Ft Lauderdale on Sat Oct. 12 and Sun Oct. 13. This event was another 2-day event, but this was the first time it was held in a larger venue, because the show has indeed grown from its small beginnings in the Miami area.

This show not only featured comics, anime, and the usual toys for sale, but it also featured many returning guests such as Mike ‘The Wolverine’ Rio (Saturday appearance only because he’s scheduled for an upcoming UFC fight this Sat. Oct. 19, check online or ppv listings) and artist Steve Lydic (Sat and Sun), but also had a special guest appearing here for the first time at Ultracon: Larry Mainland from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” (also Sat and Sun), as well as other first time guests: Paranormal Crossroads, and UFC fighter Marcus Brimage (both appearing on Sat and Sun as well). This con also had for the first time, several panels, ranging from anime, to comics, to paranormal investigations held by Paranormal Crossroads Investigations. The show also included Video Arcade games and home consoles by Arcade Odyssey in Miami, as well as 2 charities: one for cancer with Batman memorabilia and items up for sale, as well as Mini Harley Quinn (Kara)’s charity for OnebyOne dog rescue (https://www.facebook.com/OneByOneDogRescueInc). There were also supposed to be scheduled Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh ccg tournaments to be run by Docking Bay 94 Comics the entire weekend, but due to some last minute problems, both tournaments were cancelled by Docking Bay.

There was also a costume contest held Saturday with first prize at $300, won by Master Chief from Halo (David Rodriguez), as chosen by guest judges, who were also the featured guests at the show. There were also other entertaining features there besides the games, such as the comics, and some new ideas out there, such as Marvin’s ‘Ninjapples’ series, a new toyline coming soon still in development, that tells the story about the spirit of a dead ninja master that finds 5 apples out in a field and using the ying-yang scroll brings them to life, while turning his evil brother into an actual worm. His brother, as a worm, steals the scroll for his own evil purposes, and the master enlists these apples to try and recover the scroll from him, each apple having their own special abilities from the scroll’s powers. Overall, with a few minor hiccups here and there (incl. pre-registration and contest pre-registration check-in problems due to the hotel itself having limited wi-fi areas inside to be unable to use a laptop to access that information), the show was a great success overall, and everyone had a great time there. Although this may be my last local con for awhile since ill be moving soon to a new place in Orlando, hopefully Ill be able to return in 2014 and give you some more local con reviews for the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, if not then in the Orlando/Tampa area in the future. As always, comments are greatly appreciated to help better my reviews- tell me what you want me to cover more of for future shows/cons. Seeya- JDOC

For more pics from the show and more info on the next Ultracon scheduled for Feb. 22 and 23 2014 (Ultracon 2014-1) at the same hotel

check on the website: http://ultraconofsouthflorida.com/

and on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ultracon-Of-South-Florida/717627118263967

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