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Hello all, and welcome to the first con review from yours truly for 2014. Based on a personal obligation from last year, I had the pleasure to be at Ultracon 2014 on saturday and sunday feb. 22-23 at the Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek (555 NW 62nd St. Ft.Lauderdale Fl,33309) for this year, run by promoter Irving Santiago Sr..

This year’s first outing for Ultracon was a huge event, as many guests were booked, ranging from first time guests Jose Delbo (DC Comics Wonder Woman Vol. 1(1940-86), Transformers (Marvel Comics 1984-91; IDW (Regeneration One issue 0(2013))), to Jason Faunt (Power Rangers Time Force (Wes/Alex- Red Ranger)), to returning guests such as UFC fighter Mike ‘The Wolverine’ Rio. The show also had many other featured guests such as The Garcia Brothers Derek & Eric from the hit Series- Faceoff ,from SYFY Network, and as a bonus some very cool guys named Giggles and Thug- a trio of horror inspired clowns, who represented Morphstore.com- a mask/costume website catering to horror/cosplay fans everywhere with their own original creations and recreations as well.

Besides the featured guests, Freya Folkvanger aka Power Girl/Black Canary was the featured cosplay guest for this event, as well as several artists such as Steve Lydic (Walking Dead covers) and dealers at the show as well (Rangerstop.com being one of them), representing anything from comics to games to toys. This show carried many different wares, some of which I purchased while at the show to add to my personal collection, as well as to bolster my own future cosplay ideas for Megacon 2014 (my next show as a reporter/congoer).

Day 1 was awesome with the highlight being the cosplay contest, with a prize of a new xbox one unit, being won by Iron Patriot, in which many different cosplayers showed their costumes to a panel of judges selected from the featured guests at the show, as well as some cosplayers familiar with the art of cosplay making. Day 2 was also great as well, as another cosplay contest was held, this time a cash prize of $300 awarded to a cosplayer who created an original take for Star Wars: A sith assassin on stilts (pics featured here in this article).

Overall, Ultracon 2014-1 was a great event, and it looks to become even bigger next go round,so watch for it locally on the South Florida scene, because there’s always something new in store there. As always comments welcomed to make these reviews bigger and better for you, the readers. Til Megacon 2014 in on Mar. 21-23, this is the JDOC sayin see ya and happy congoin, and as always more pics can be seen on my personal facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/john.cruz.946/media_set?set=a.596050777143739.1073741830.100002164654117&type=1


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JDOC is a longtime comic geek whose love for comics and classic animation (WB/HB/ MGM/Disney) knows no bounds. Hes been to many conventions in Florida over the years since the early 90's, including Megacon since 2003.

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