Winter Garden Wonderfest 2014

Hi all, it’s yours truly once more with another convention review before Ultracon of South Florida.

This time I went to Winter Garden Wonderfest in Winter Garden, Florida on Sunday Nov. 30, which was located at 12100 W. Colonial Drive inside the Bella Room, a dining hall. This con was a smaller con that made its debut right after Black Friday and Shopper Saturday, which I was glad I avoided as usual when it comes to shopping holidays.

This minicon of sorts was run by Scott Schlazer,who also runs the Florida Geek Scene website as well. This show, for it’s first time out, was impressive as they had many different things ranging from comics for sale, to face painting for the kids, to even a cosplay contest, which i’ll get into brief details about now.

Besides the usual comic dealer tables, there were also toys and other knickknacks for sale at the con. There were also several known comic artists at the con, such as Austin Janowsky, Jose Marzan Jr., Sergio Cariello, and Jeff Balke. This show also featured Watson Wu, sound designer for many popular video games such as Assassin’s Creed and The Need For Speed. Also in attendance was David Cruz, who is the TRON Arcade World Champion, who spoke some on his achievements.

There were also other interesting things going on for entertainment at the con, such as a live performance by Hips of Destruction, currently composed of dancers Verrina and Kristal. They combine over 20 years of dance study, have studied Egyptian bellydance, Bollywood, Tribal Fusion, Burlesque, True Romani (Gypsy) dance, Gothic Fusion, and many other styles. They have also each performed in several shows such as: Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire, MerPalooza and Theatre Gothique.

They had an exciting Star Trek themed belly dance display as part of their performance at the show. In one corner of the con itself, they had face painting that was done at a good price, and catered to the kids. One of the  highlights of the show was the cosplay contest, which was sponsored by A Comic Shop and run by Corey Neives and Marco Mazz who cosplayed as Miles Morales Spider-man and The Penguin.

The winner of the contest was a cosplayer who I had seen previously at Mikey’s Rangerstop Comic Con dressed as a character from Borderlands, and it was awesome because he had taken his actual wheelchair, and converted it to have not only weapons from the game on it, but they were actual working props, ranging from the rotating saw blades in front, to the actual heavy chain machine gun that rotated as it fired (of course no bullets were fired, since the chain gun itself was a prop, and powered by a cordless drill covered over).

Overall, Winter Garden Wonderfest was a great show, and I hope to be at their next one soon in 2015. ‘Til Ultracon next week, this is the JDOC reminding you to always have fun collecting and going to cons- See ya


Photos by Brandon Specht, “Bad Ass” Edwin Cabrera, and Michael Eng of the West Orange Times.

Video produced by Patrick Townsend of Gamer’s Emporium


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