BelleCon 2014


Jacksonville’s newest Anime and Japanese Cultural Convention! Bellecon is the culmination of many years of planning, observing other anime conventions, and learning what works and what doesn’t. Bellecon is only entering into its first year, so there will always be new things to learn and trials and errors to be performed, but our driving mission is to put a unique twist on everything we do. Our hope is that Bellecon will find a special place in your heart as a convention that is both traditional and innovative.

May 2nd – 4th, 2014

You can find out more about BelleCon as they update at their website.


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  1. grace March 4, 2014 at 4:13 pm - Reply

    I live in Lakeland and when I heard about Bellecon I got really excited because I am a major anime fan and I personally have never been to an animecon so I cant wait to go to Bellecon in May its gonna be awesome TODD HABRAKORN

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