Evil Con


What is Evil Con?

Evil Con is a multi-genre fan convention. It’s a “get-together” of nerds, geeks, fanatics, and otaku of all varieties. There will be shows, panels, dances and raves, as well as industry guests, artists and vendors.

What makes Evil Con different?

We’re here for the baddies. From the mastermind to the lowliest minion, from goblins to ghouls to psychos and more, we’re here to celebrate the antagonists, the monsters, and the antiheroes. Those characters you love to hate and hate yourself for loving abound here, and they want to give you the time of your life! So feel free to ‘boo’ the heroes in our shows and laugh maniacally when the villain wins. We understand that you can’t always be on the side of what’s good and right.

Sometimes it’s just more fun to be bad.

So, why EVIL?

No, we don’t hate the good guys, and we don’t want more evil in the world. We’re doing this because evil deserves its’ own time. The antagonists of all genres could use a weekend in the spotlight. These characters, made with such detail and care, are so often tossed aside and ignored once bested by the heroes. No one cares what happens to them. They never win. But doesn’t everyone have a favorite villain? Don’t we all swoon over some misunderstood beauty? We DO appreciate the bad guys, but why do we do it so quietly? It’s time to celebrate these characters proudly! So get out your cloaks and ridiculously spiked armor, put on your top hat and curly mustache, and join us for a weekend you will never forget!

This Year:

Year One’s theme is Villainy. We’re talking classic, evil for the sake of evil, villainy. Like the “mwa ha ha” sort of villain who ties girls to train tracks, or the super villain who wants nothing more than to destroy the hero. In light of the villainous takeover, the Clown Prince of Crime and his quirky queen will be hosting. That’s right, the Joker and Harley Quinn! Gloating monologues, tanks of piranhas, and world domination are not out of the question this year, so watch out.

For more info click here for the Evil Con website.


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