Holiday Matsuri 2013


Holiday Matsuri is an annual festively themed convention located in Orlando, FL. Each year our attendees come together during the holidays to have fun and give back! We celebrate Anime, Video Games, Cosplay, Celebrity guests, Music, Art, and more with holiday cheer! You can enjoy our seasonal spin on convention Contests, Shows, Dances, and Parties!

Holiday Matsuri Hosts a formal benefit ball supporting a charity, such as the Toys for Tots, and rather than a separate admission fee, we collect donations for the charity as admission to the ball. It’s not only fun but a great way to help our community.

Some of our favorite interactive events include the Matsuri Maid and Host Cafe, the new Naughty VS Nice challenge, and for our mature audience (18+) the Peppermint Parlor.

Holiday Matsuri offers a bit of everything for everyone and we hope that you will join us in the festivities this year!

December 13th – 15th, 2013

For more information and updates please take a look at the Holiday Matsuri website.


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