Mythicon is an upcoming Anime, Video Games and Comic Book convention in Orlando, FL.

August 23rd – 25th, 2013

Hours of Operations

Convention Hours:
**Thursday: 6PM – 9PM
Friday: 9AM – Saturday 3AM
Saturday: 9AM – Sunday 3AM
Sunday: 9AM – 7PM

**Thursday: 5PM – 9PM
Friday: 9AM – 7PM
Saturday: 9AM – 7PM
Sunday: 9AM – 2PM

Vendor’s Room:
**Friday: 11AM – 12PM
Friday: 12PM – 7PM
Saturday: 10AM – 7PM
Sunday: 10AM – 5PM

Con Suite (VIP ONLY):
Friday: 12PM – 10PM
Saturday: 12PM – 10PM
Sunday: 12PM – 5PM

(**)Available only to VIP and Pre-Reg Pass Holders

For more information on this convention please check out their website at: Mythicon


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