SwampCon 2013




Swampcon is a second year multi-genre convention for all ages hosted by the University of Florida and held in the Student Reitz Union on January 12th and 13th 2013. It is a two day, Free convention featuring a combination of Anime, Gaming, and Sci-fi themed events. There will be many things to do at this convention including: Multiple video game tournaments, table top gaming, contests, panels, special guest speakers, a maid cafe, artist alley, dealers room and performances.

The main purpose of Swampcon is to give anime, gaming, and sci-fi fans a place to come together to share and express their love of their hobbies and possibly learn about other people’s interests. Our goal is to make this event very successful so we can continue to bring the anime, gaming, and sci-fi communities together in North Florida for many years to come.


What: SwampCon
When: January 12-13, 2013
Where: Student Reitz Union
1080 SW 11th St.
Gainesville, FL 32601
(352) 392-3261
Time: 10am to 8pm
Price: FREE



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