Ultra-Con 2013



Ultra-Con: The Original Is Back. Miami’s Own Hot Toy Convention

July 20th & July 21,2013

At The Ramada Inn Across From Westland Mall
1950 West 49th Street Hialeah Florida 33012, Parking Is Free.

Adults $5, Kids Under The Age Of 12 Free.

Special Guest From The UFC Wrestling Mike The Wolverine Rio Will Be Signing Autographs And Taking Pictures With All His Fans…

Special Guest From MMA Masters Luis Baboon Palomino Will Be At Ultra Con Signing Autographs & Taking Pictures With All His Fans.

Special Guest Creature Entertainment Comics Will Have Their Team At Ultra Con

Will Feature Comic Book Alley For Local Comic Book Artist Displaying & Selling There Art Work….

Special Guest Bronies Of South Florida Featuring There Work Of Art…

Ultra Con Will Feature Collectors And Dealers From All Over The State Of Florida Selling Their Collectible Vintage & Modern Toys.

This Convention will have Hot Wheels; Vintage Sports Cards; Avengers and Iron Man products; Star Trek products and toys; Comic Books; Hundreds of 3-3/4 inch G.I.Joe figures & vehicles, as well as Action Man toys and vehicles from the early 80’s; Vintage Gi Joe’s From The 1960’s & 1970’s; United Kingdom Action Man From The 1960’s & 1970’s; Star Wars Old (Kenner Line 1977-86 (movie to Ewoks and Droids)) & Modern(Kenner/Hasbro (movie to expanded universe to McQuarrie concept line and beyond) figures and vehicles (includes vintage line); Monsters Old & New; Godzilla; Transformers (all lines from Generation 1 to TF Prime:Beast Hunters); Dragonball Z; Power Rangers; Marvel Universe figures ranging from the Toy Biz line (including Legends line) to Hasbro’s current line (including the new Legends line); DC Action Figures from both DC Direct and Mattel, as well as the 5 inch Super Powers line from Kenner; more miscellaneous Action Figures.

Ultra Con July 20rd & 21, 2013- Two Day Convention.

1950 West 49th Street, Hialeah Florida 33012

In Between Miami & Ft.Lauderdale Florida Across From Westland Mall
Showtimes Saturday & Sunday 9 Am Until 5 Pm

There will also be a Cosplay Contest: $100 First Place Prize for best Cosplay as voted on by those in attendance.

For Vendor Or Toy Info Please Contact Ultra Con @786-258-9508 or cell 786-285-3738 and ask for Irving -my contact email address is also toyarchaeology@hotmail.com

We will Have A Huge Display Of 3 3/4 Gi Joes Vehicles At The Convention as well, ranging from the USS Flagg, to the Cobra Terror Drome, as well as the Joe space shuttle Defiant And Much More Joe and Cobra Vehicles….


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