Zombie Charm School Is Doing ‘Walking Dead’ Tours At Former Film Location This Fall

The Walking Dead, a show that’s speculated to reach around the 20 season mark, has a long way to go considering we’re just approaching season 8 come Oct. 22nd’s “All Out War”. With it are the likes of fans going nuts over this show as Robert Kirkman has expanded the world going beyond Alexandria as the rest of the communities.

Considering the kind of hang time this show is about to have, it would make sense for businesses to take root in this region where the show is currently being shot. Senoia had already marketed itself with many of its in-town businesses and now people are relocating from miles around to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Not unlike the Gold Rush of back in the day, but consider this the “Zombie Rush”.

Jesus told Rick that there is a bigger world out there and now in in real time, Walking Dead fans can enjoy this experience by immersing themselves via the Zombie Charm School via The Walkin’ Dead Haralson tour group, all the while connecting with real life communities as it also prospers to be an expansive world for the bustling tour business just south of Atlanta.

They’ve been making their appearances at a lot of the Walker Stalker Cons around the country, including having graced Florida with their setplay booth at Megacon and Walker Stalker in Orlando. Now, they will be taking root in that area of Georgia.

The Walkin’ Dead Haralson tour group plays host to the Zombie Charm School which is under the direction of one of the cosplayers, The Daryl Dude, and his cohort, Michelle Molinari. They had taken cosplayers Miss Maggie Maybe (as Maggie Rhee cosplay), Trick Grimes (as Rick Grimes cosplay), and most recently, Florida resident Trishonne (as Michonne cosplay) under their wing an expected to give Walking Dead fans a 90-minute experience of a lifetime on the former set of season 3. It’s also the same area where season 2 was shot as well.

If you check your memory banks, that’s the encounter with The Governor through the silos ‘n such. Specifically the location of where Merle Dixon dies, the first time (thanks for the clarification Miss Maybe :), at the *spoiler alert* gunpoint of The Governor.

They have a marked resemblance to Maggie Rhee, Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, and the samurai sword wielding and jawless zombie taming Michonne. This ensures the authenticity of the whole experience when exploring TWD season 3 venue.

The following is a Q & A session with the impassioned cosplayers.

Miss Maggie Maybe


The Zombie Charm School remains true to their namesake as this cosplaying performer partakes in blush-worthy poses with con-goers and her newly found talent at the ZCS. That said, this has proven to reinforce the company’s zombie charm. Leading off with the fetching Miss Maggie Maybe, she told me a little about herself, her experiences, and how she contributes to the ZCS brand.

She had already given her first unofficial performance…


FGS: At what point did you or someone notice that you looked like your character and where did you go from there?

Miss Maggie Maybe: I actually went to my first Convention last October in Atlanta. It was Walker Stalker Atlanta and I had been toying with the notion of going for years. I walked past Zombie Charm School’s booth and talked to Randy “The Daryl Dude” for a few minutes and then resumed walking around. Apparently him and Michelle had starting talking about me after I walked off and Michelle made sure that he flagged me down when I walked past again. She told me I was the best Maggie cosplay she’d ever seen and that I needed to work for her.

Feel her power!

Which I basically responded to as “What you talking about boseefus?” She realized I was just in regular clothes and was even more convinced that I needed to join their group. My first appearance as Miss Maggie Maybe was on the cruise and the rest is history. They’re some of the best people and I love working for them. They really care about their people.

FGS: Your most elaborate zombie kill?

MMM: My most elaborate zombie kill would either be the one on my Miss Maggie Maybe Cosplay Instagram or the one I did in our promo video that’s still in the works of being created.

FGS: Choice of drink for intense walker encounters? MMM: Jameson and Sprite

FGS: When did you first start watching The Walking Dead?

MMM: Probably about season 4 on Netflix. So technically I think they were probably in their 5th season on AMC. I binge watched like crazy.

FGS: How do you envision The Walking Dead show’s finale?

MMM: I really haven’t thought about it. Uhh if I had to really think of the most epic way it could end I would have to say zombie Carl and Judith eating Rick’s face. Haha a lot of people are going to be mad at me about that one.

FGS: Favorite line/dialogue from the show?

Feel her passion!

MMM: “Have you ever had to kill people because they had already killed your friends and were coming for you next? Have you ever done things that made you feel afraid of yourself afterward? Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn’t know if it was yours or walkers’ or your friends’? Huh? Then you don’t know.” — Michonne

I think this is the most honest line that could be spoken about living in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and crazy people.

FGS: What was your most cool con experience?

MMM: It would have to be when Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. and Pollyanna McIntosh jumped in our scene during photos. The looks on the faces of the fans we were photographing with were absolutely epic.

Their faces just lit up and you could tell they were absolutely over the moon.


FGS: Cool after-hours con experience?

MMM: Hanging out at The Max Retropub and The Unicorn Bar in Tulsa with my friends and some of the cast. It was pretty surreal.

Feel her determination.

FGS: As a ZCS grad, what is most “charming” about you?

MMM: Pssh I have no idea. I like to think I’m decently funny. Other than that I’m plain crazy and I have no idea how I haven’t run them all off yet.

FGS: What would you tell Walking Dead fans what’s appealing about the Walking Dead Haralson Tour group?

MMM: Uhh we’re the most fun people to hang out with of course! We try to be goofy and be completely real with the fans. Because when it all boils down to it we’re all fans. We’re all part of this crazy awesome tribe that’s been created by a mutual interest in a show. Which I find is insanely cool. Plus we’ve got so many plans hidden up our sleeves for the future.

You get to hang out with some of your favorite characters, take awesome pictures (with weapons) in the place where Merle died, and you may just get a zombie bite. Ok for real you get a zombie bite with the tour. But don’t worry we don’t have cooties. Or at least I don’t. I can’t make any promises about the Daryl Dude. It’s just a really fun environment to be in.


Cosplayer Trishonne who portrays the sword wielding Michonne from TWD is a newcomer to the Zombie Charm School and is from the state of Florida. She jumped on board with the group and from here on you can find out how she got acclimated when she first discovered to her amazement how authentic Walking Dead cosplayers can make themselves to be. That said, she felt she could pull it off and mentioned her outfit was well received by those who had encountered her.

FGS: At what point did you or someone notice that you looked like your character and where
did you go from there?

Trishonne: I attended a Megacon in Orlando in 2012 and was amazed at the cosplayers, especially the Walking Dead characters and I thought that I could pull off Michonne. I attended a small con in my area cosplaying Michonne and I was received well so I continued attending cons, with my first big one being the Orlando Megacon 2013 and again I was received well and I continued to attend all cons that I could.

Romancing The Zombie Apocalypse

FGS:  Your most elaborate zombie kill?

Trishonne: I would have to say the one depicted in the photo taken by Michelle at WSC Tulsa a few weeks ago.

FGS:  Choice of drink for intense walker encounters? Trishonne: Appletini with a cherry

FGS: When did you first start watching Walking Dead?

Trishonne: I binge watched season 1-3 in time to see season 4 real time.

FGS: How do you envision The Walking Dead show’s finale?

Trishonne: I do not even want to think of the show ending, so I can not fathom the notion.

FGS: Fav. line/dialogue from the show?

Trishonne: “Anger makes you stupid, stupid gets you killed” – Michonne

FGS: What was your most cool con experience?

Trishonne: Meeting Michael Rooker and he hugged me and then grabbed my sword out of the sheath. Good times.

FGS: Cool after-hours con experience? Trishonne: WSC Tulsa after-party

FGS: As a ZCS grad, what is most “charming” about you?

Trishonne: Actually, I am not sure that I am all that charming, unless by charming you mean my level of badassery which is overflowing.

Close quarters impales are her expertise.

FGS: What Florida cons do you attend as Michonne?

Trishonne: Megacon Orlando, Tampa Bay Comic Con, WSC Orlando, Space Coast Comic Con.

FGS: What would you tell Walking Dead fans what’s appealing about the Walking Dead Haralson Tour group?

Trishonne: You get a once and a life time opportunity to interact with characters from the best show on television. The Walking Dead Haralson Tour group has some of the best Walking Dead cosplayers hands down.





Trick Grimes


There have been many faces of Rick Grimes from TWD and some may have even witnessed an evolution of his appearance throughout the seasons. There’s the obviously bearded Rick Grimes pre-Alexandria and then the season 6 “Knots Untie” version that Trick Grimes seems to most resemble.

It is interesting to know how some of these cosplayers or look-a-likes resembled nothing like their Rick’s counterpart until a certain season was reached. Trick explains this evolution that it wasn’t until season 3/4 where he started to look like the Walking Dead lead star. He also spoke of an interesting impromptu celebrity encounter with the old Beverly Hills 90120 cast members.

A little known fact, Michael Cudlitz/Abraham was also in the show.

FGS: At what point did you or someone notice that you looked like your character and where
did you go from there?

“Do you feel lucky…zombie?”

Trick Grimes: Probably not until the end of season 3 and into season 4. I always joke that I don’t look like Andy Lincoln, I look like Rick Grimes. When he was clean shaved and short haired we didn’t look alike. It really wasn’t until about season 5 that I did something with the resemblance. My sons wanted to attend a FanExpo in Dallas and wanted to cosplay. I really didn’t even know what cosplay was.

They said since people had been noticing my resemblance for about a year at that point, I should dress as Rick. I thought it would be an easy low cost way to make them happy. Already had boots and jeans. Just ordered a jacket.

The response was overwhelming and it just took off from there. We went to a couple of more local cons and then I heard about Walker Stalkers and went to Atlanta. That’s when things really got crazy for me.

FGS:  Your most elaborate zombie kill?

Trick Grimes: Once I started working with ZCS, I was amazed at how creative the fans can be on zombie kills. Been too many great ones to single out.

FGS: Choice of drink for intense walker encounters?

Trick Grimes: Ice cold water. Remember no refrigerators in the apocalypse so getting a cold drink would be a treat. Also, can’t get dehydrated when fighting zombies. Maybe a good Bourbon or Single Malt to wind down afterwards.

Takin’ a break

FGS: When did you first start watching Walking Dead?

Trick Grimes: Been a fan from day one and have probably gone back and watched the entire series over again several times.

FGS: How do you envision The Walking Dead show’s finale?

Trick Grimes: I like the theory that at the end we see an old man Carl with a collection of weapons we know walking away. Would like to think that there’s been a rebuilding of civilization in a small way led by the descendants of Rick and the group.

FGS: Fav. line/dialogue from the show?

Trick Grimes: “They don’t know who they’re *#**#*# with.”
Anything Abraham said.

FGS: What was your most cool con experience?

Trick Grimes: When the celebrities just jump in to our scene. Also one of the first few cons we attended in Dallas, security approached and asked me to come with them. [I] asked what I had done wrong and was told nothing, some of the cast from 90210 wanted to take pics with me! That’s really when I was like “this is pretty cool” when the celebrities who charge for pics ask me for a pic. Funny thing though when I took the pic my oldest son chimes in “Hey dad, charge them $30!”

Surprise ZCS visit from Pollyanna McIntosh/Jadis

FGS: Cool after-hours con experience?

Trick Grimes: Just this last WSC in Tulsa. Went to a cool retro arcade bar and about 12 of the cast was just hanging out there. One thing I will say is this group is very nice and very down to earth.

FGS: As a ZCS grad, what is most “charming” about you?

Trick Grimes: I’m not doing any of this to get famous or rich. I don’t really promote myself out there like others do. This is fun for me and I will continue to do it as long as it doesn’t interfere with my “real” career or my family time. Fans have approached me visibly shaken or I’ve had some hesitant to approach me.

I am not a celebrity, nor am I trying to be one, so please don’t act like that with me. Just a normal guy who happens to look like someone famous and decided to have a little fun with it while it lasts.

FGS: What would you tell Walking Dead fans what’s appealing
about the Walking Dead Haralson Tour group?

Trick Grimes: Great location run by true fans. Where else can you go in that area and really immerse yourself into a scene from the show.

Daryl Dude

The Tale of Two Daryl’s

Finally, the man with the crossbow and love for squirrel meat, The Daryl Dude. He’s so confident his own favorite character will live on beyond the show’s end along with the Negan’s harem. That makes sense since he is quite the survivor. He has been practicing his whistling, too.

FGS: At what point did you or someone notice that you looked like your character and where did you go from there?

Daryl Dude: Lol. No one. Except my wife, Michelle. We were joking around that I was going to grow my hair out from a military cut. She wanted me to have “Daryl” hair. She photo-shopped his hair on my head to make her case. And that’s when she noticed I had similar coloring and facial features. The next thing I knew, UPS was delivering a crossbow, a vest, and dead squirrels.

FGS: Choice of drink for intense walker encounters? Daryl Dude: Jack and diet Coke.

The world is Daryl Dude’s oyster, er…toilet.

FGS: When did you first start watching Walking Dead?

Daryl Dude: Season 4, actually.

FGS: How do you envision The Walking Dead show’s finale?

Daryl Dude: Aww jeez… everybody dies. Except Daryl . He ends up with Sherri, Dwight’s wife. And all the other wives. And they all head off into the sunset together . That would serve Dwight and Negan some justice in the afterlife.

FGS: Fav. line/dialogue from the show?

Daryl Dude: When Daryl tells Beth she isn’t drinking no damn Peach Schnapps.

FGS: What was your most cool con experience?

Daryl Dude: When A little Daryl cosplayer about 4 came up and wanted to talk about whether or not “we”, as Daryl’s, were responsible for Glenn’s death.

FGS: Cool after-hours con experience?

Daryl Dude: When I was going to get my truck and Norman Reedus saw me on the load-out dock asked me to take a selfie with him. That was pretty cool.

FGS: As a ZCS grad, what is most “charming” about you?

Daryl Dude: I’m not charming in the slightest. I’m quiet. I’m to-the-point. I observe people. So I’m a lot like the Daryl character naturally. People think it’s cute that it’s charming that I act like him. But it’s not an act.

FGS: What would you tell Walking Dead fans what’s appealing about the Walking Dead Haralson Tour group?

Daryl Dude: It’s nothing at all like the other tours available around here for fans to take. We don’t cruise by filming locations and point them out. Our entire tour takes place on the former filming locations featured in seasons 2&3.

Lookin’ for Merle in all the right places

We issue guests replica weapons & escort them onto the back lot and go inside the buildings. We re-enact scenes and provide professional pics. And, they get disgustingly realistic, totally custom Walker bites put on their body, applied by real Zombie Charm School makeup artists. It’s all included in the price.

It’s the tour to take if you are a super-fan. Plus, for 8 weeks around October this year, guests will experience a harrowing encounter with several walkers, during the tour.

And thus this concludes our line-up for the Zombie Charm School via The Walkin’ Dead Haralson Tours. Their operations start churning up come Sept. 15th thru Nov. 12th, in Haralson, Ga. and is only 5 Minutes from Senoia (formerly Woodbury on TWD). Please, “come step into the apocalypse” with this great reenactment from season 2&3.

They are in process currently and filling their social media feeds with some behind-the-scenes stuff. Miss Maggie Maybe has demonstrated her zombie bite make-up expertise already.

Then there’s the storefront to Walkin’ Dead Haralson, Georgia’s tour shop.

A little trip to Senoia…


My experience with this group via their setplay at Megacon in Orlando left me quite impressed and I’m sure their impact will reverberate throughout The Walking Dead nation of fans from all over. Their passion of the craft is insurmountable and it shows as they interact with their patrons.

To book a date with these cosplayers, feel free to contact the office at (678) 329-4400.

Hours of operation for the shop are Mon-Sat: 10 am-5pm & Sunday at 12 noon and  tour times are Mon-Sat at 10am, 1pm, and 3:30pm with Sundays at 1pm and 3:30pm. Pricing is located on their website, WalkingDeadHaralson.com.


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