DaiKaiju Attacks Florida!


This is an interview I did with the band DaiKaiju when they trampled through Florida in July.

Scott: Who is DaiKaiju?

Team Daikaiju: Who is the Daikaiju??? Premium action heroes deliver most high rocket music!!! Special reverb skill combo for full impact!!! Loud sonic boom for earful pleasure! Beautiful radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound creates divine psychic wind for your special defense!!!

Scott: How did DaiKaiju come together?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju come together in time of emergency to form SUUPAA-MECHA-DAIKAIJU!!!

Scott: Tell me about your music.

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju have VERY BIG music collection in 8-track tape format!!!

Scott: What inspires the music of DaiKaiju?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju choose 8-track tape to listen depend upon how Daikaiju feeling that moment!!!

Scott: What does DaiKaiju mean?

Team Daikaiju: This deep existential question!!! Daikaiju mean many thing to many person!!!

Scott: Are you guys into Kaiju films, or Japanese giant monster movies?

Team Daikaiju: YES!! Daikaiju love tragic drama of “Gamera Soup Kitchen” and great action comedy of “King Kong Lightning Force!!!”

Scott: Who is your favorite Japanese giant monster?

Team Daikaiju: 50-foot Hello Kitty!!!

Scott: Are you excited about the new Godzilla movie from Legendary Pictures?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju have no excitement for Hollywood!!!

Scott: How did you feel about the 1998 Tri-Star Pictures Godzilla?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju agree to call this GODZILLA IN NAME ONLY!!!

Scott: How did the band members come up with their names?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju members named by parents when born!!!

Scott: I notice that their is a change-up in names of band members between your self titled CD and Phase 2, did you change any band members along the way or just come up with new names for some of you?

Team Daikaiju: Some time Daikaiju suffer casualty and regenerate with new member!!!

Scott: Tell me about some of your songs. As a fan of Kaiju, I know that in Godzilla lore their is no Super X-9, the Super X’s top out at X-3, you have a song on the self titled CD called “Super X-9”, can you tell me the story of Super X-9.

Team Daikaiju: Super X-9 = ((Super X-3) x 1) + ((Super X-2) x 2) + ((Super X-1) x 2)

Scott: Another great song on your self titled CD is “The DaiKaiju Who Loved Me”. I’m also a big fan of James Bond and my favorite James Bond movie happens to be “The Spy Who Loved Me” Are you guys James Bond fans too, and if so tell me about your favorite Bond film, and how James Bond films have inspired the music of DaiKaiju.

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju love AMAZING James Bond Japanese-man disguise from “You Only Live Twice”!!!

Scott: Song number 7 on your self titled is “Son of DaiKaiju”, I’m wondering if this is titled after “Son of Godzilla”?

Team Daikaiju: This titled after when Daikaiju think that Daikaiju make baby boy!!!

Scott: I grew up on TV shows such as Spectreman, Ultraman, Giant Robot, and Space Giants. When I listen to DaiKaiju, I hear a definite influence in your music from the theme music of shows in this genre of television. Would you agree?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju harness the sonic power of many great warrior!!!

Scott: While at your show, I noticed that your music and what happens on and off stage all flows together wonderfully, and it made me feel like I was watching a Kaiju film of sorts. It was art to me. Can you give me a short synopsis of a live DaiKaiju show?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju create full-frontal golden shower of SONIC BOOM that always result in happy ending!!!

Scott: Describe to me a DaiKaiju groupie.

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju groupie come in many different style!!!

Scott: Who have you toured with and who would you like to tour with in the future?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju tour with many different member!!! In future Daikaiju like tour with MERCH-GIRL!!!

Scott: Tell me about the craziest thing that ever happened at a DaiKaiju show.

Team Daikaiju: This very difficult question!!! Maximum crazy thing happen during all Daikaiju attack!!!

Scott: Have you ever toured Japan?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju continue to prepare SPECIAL future attack of Japan!!!

Scott: I know that DaiKaiju is deemed as Surf-Rock, do you feel DaiKaiju is in any other music genres?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju utilize many element to create BATTLE SURF SEX METAL!!!

Scott: Why doesn’t DaiKaiju speak?

Team Daikaiju: Maybe you listening but you not hearing Daikaiju!!!

Scott: What does DaiKaiju do when not on tour? Any hobbies?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju spend time to regenerate and prepare new sonic attack formations!!!

Scott: Have you ever considered covering a theme from a Kaiju TV show and making it your own, sort of like how Buckethead covered the Giant Robot theme?

Team Daikaiju: Daikaiju not like when theme covered!!! Daikaiju like to see theme naked!!!

Scott: Do you have any last words?

Team Daikaiju: YES!!!



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  1. MusicSnob305 August 21, 2012 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    I heard that Daikaiju is super secretive and that they don’t do interviews. How did you manage to get one?

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