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So back when we got the first shots of Kotobukiya’s Metal Gear Rex from a Japanese hobby magazine I was pretty excited.  As a huge Metal Gear fan I really wanted a Rex, but I really didn’t want to put myself in debt by purchasing the 3A version.  Not to mention my hate for the 3A does business as well…but that’s another post all in itself.

Anyway, the pre-orders for Kotobukiya’s Rex finally popped up on Amiami last night, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Now remember, this is a model kit, so it’ll come unassembled and most likely unpainted.  I’m pretty pleased with the detailing in Rex, as well as the articulation and having the ability to be moved into the “powered down” mode as well.

I also LOVE the little figurines of Liquid, Solid Snake and Gray Fox.  It even comes with a squashed Gray Fox to reenact the cutscene. AWESOME!


Get your much-cheaper-but-less-flashy Rex from Koto in December!

What are your thoughts on Kotobukiya’s version of Metal Gear Rex?

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