Death comes a hopping and a fluttering – New Short story zombie fiction just in time for Halloween!

Indie cartoonist  R Wiggins(me) has released his first zombie short story “Death came a hopping and a fluttering.” The story promises to be an interesting delve into the zombie realm with some unusual undead . We follow an everyman slacker named Max, and see the world through his eyes as it quickly turns from suburban New Jersey to a post apocalyptic hell.

This was a labor of love and I think you can see that I’ve wanted to step into the zombie world for quite some time now. It’s an easy read, and for 99 cents it really can’t be beat.

Happy Halloween Florida Geeks


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Born in the waste lands of central Florida and raised in a Post Dark Knight Returns but Pre Dark Knight Strikes again America, Russ Wiggins wasted his youth with horror movies, comics and pornography. He is a full time zombie, comic strip, science fiction enthusiast who wears a white collar disguise to keep "the man" and bill collectors at bay. In his off time he writes for Florida Geek Scene (even though he now lives in New Jersey) and works on various projects including but not limited to a Graphic Novel Opus called "Steve of your imagination" and an ongoing web comic strip called "The Dreggs." Russ met the moderator of Florida Geek scene Scott Schlazer when he was still a teenage punk coming into Scott's comic book shop "Planet X" on Friday nights to make fun of the freaks and ne'er do wells that frequented the store.

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