E3 2017

E3 has come and gone which means it’s time for a wrap up because I’m nothing if not willing to jump on a band wagon to give myself the feeling that I’m a legit games journalist. I’m only going to be covering what was announced at the press conferences and not the pre/post stream or the later gameplay coverage because while I’m not a busy person with a life I like to pretend I am.


Madden 18 – It looks like Madden is going to have a story mode where you play as a kid going pro from high school
Battlefield 1 – They talked about upcoming DLC after showing a youtuber/twitch streamer montage
Fifa 2018 – Being not into sports or sports games I can’t tell you if anything looks different from previous years
Need for Speed Payback – A racing game where you have the option to fix up old cars
A way out – Co-op prison break game that they want to bring couch co-op back for. It looks interesting, Supposedly it has multiple ways to do everything making each playthrough unique
They talk about project scorpio and combining it with their frostbite engine
Anthem – Small tease for the full reveal at the Microsoft conference
NBA Live 18 – They added a story mode like Madden and probably Fifa. Is it the same character model being used in all 3?
Starwars Battlefront 2 – It will have a single player story mode, just like titan fall 2 had a ssingle player mode after the first one didn’t. It’s going to have free DLC

Random thoughts throughout the conference that I would normally live tweet:
Is Andrew Wilson a Lizard person? He kept flicking his tongue
They want to turn sports games into an eSport
“EA Originals is about absorbing small developers into ourselves whole and spitting out the bones”

Watch it here


Project Scorpio is officially named the Xbox One X.
Forza 7 – Car racing – October 3rd
Metro Exodus – Post apocalyptic FPS based on the Metro 2033 novels
Assassin’s Creed Origins – It tells the origins of the assassins. They added RPG elements.
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds – 100 player battle royale. Video hunger games – Late 2017
Deep Rock Galactic – Minecraft with space marines
State of Decay 2 – Zombie survival game – Spring 2018
The Darwin Project – It looks like an online vs battle royale game
Minecraft is getting crossplay so I can play with myself on my pc and phone
Dragonball Fighters Z – A fast paced 2d fighting game with Dragonball Z characters – early 2018
Black Desert – MMORPG
The Last Night – Pixel art but it looks amazing
The Artful Escape – Musical platformer
CodeVein – hack and slash with bondage masks – 2018
Sea of Thieves – Pirate shared world (MMO) – early 2018
Tacoma – August 2nd
Super Lucky’s Tale – Mascot platformer
Cuphead – a shump in the style of an old cartoon – Sept 29th
Crackdown 3 – Terry Crews super cop – November 7th

Sizzle reel lightning round
Osiris new dawn – Halo-esqe FPS
Raiders of the broken planet – 3rd person shooter
Unruly Heroes – side scrolling action platformer
Path of Exile – Isometric RPG
Battlerite – looks like a top down battle arena
Surviving Mars – base building on mars
Fable Fortune – card game based on the Fable series
Observer – first person walking sim/interactive experience (I forget what they’re called now)
Robocraft Infinite – Mechs!
Dunk Lords – basketball
Minion Masters forced to duel – Clash Royale
Brawlout – Smash bros
Dark and Light
Strange Brigade
Riverbond – a link to the past
Hello Neighbor – breaking and entering sim 2017
Conan Exiles
/lightning round

Ashen – Dark bad light good giant monster bosses
Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episodic Prequel. Without Max who is going to rewind time so Chloe doesn’t die every chapter – August 31st
Shadow of War – Sequel to Shadow of Mordor. I liked Shadow of Mordor and this looks more of the same but better
Ori and the will of the wisps
Xbox one backward compatibility is going to add original Xbox games – late 2017
Xbox one x – $499 on November 7th
Anthem – Open world Ironman game

It’s easy to claim you have the most powerful console when you’re out after everyone else

Watch it here


Doom VFR
Fallout 4 VR – I want to know if this is a full separate game or if I can play it on my PS4 with just an update
Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind – Streamer montage with the audio not synced right
Creation Club – Professional paid mods for Fallout and Skyrim
Elder Scrolls Legends – A card game that came out last year is getting a Skyrim expansion
Skyrim Switch – A Link amiibo gets you the master sword
Dishonored Death of the outsider – 9-15-17
Quake Champions – Bethesda wants to try and bring Quake back into the eSports realm
The Evil Within 2 – CG trailer, I never played the first one so I was lost – 10-13-17 (Friday the 13th)
Wolfenstien 2 – Shootin nazis 10-27-17 He said f***ing bananas 3 times

Everything will be released this year (unless delayed)

Watch it here

Devolver Digital

If you haven’t seen it it’s best to not be spoiled so just watch it here


Mario = Rabbids kingdom battle – A tactical RPG where Mario has a Mega Buster
Assassin’s Creed Origins
Crew 2
South park the fractured buy whole
Skull & Bones – It looks like the pirate bits from AC4 Fall 2018
Just Dance 2018 – October
South Park Phone Destroyer – Mobile South Park game
Starlink – Space ship building collectible toy game – Fall 2018
Steep Expansion
Far Cry 5
Beyond Good and Evil 2 – Prequel


Started with commercials for vue and days of play
Uncharted the lost legacy – More Uncharted with the chick from the second game
Horizon dlc – 2017
Days Gone – Bikers vs zombie horde
Monster hunter worlds – I’ve wanted to play Monster Hunter, I played a bit on the 3DS but couldn’t get into it because it was on the 3DS so I’m looking forward to this – early 2018
Shadow of the Colossus HD – 2018
Marvel vs Capcom infinite
Call of Duty WW2 – November 3rd
Skyrim VR – Same question I have with Fallout VR, is it a totally new retail version or will I get it through an update if I already have the remastered edition?
Star Child – 2d vr game, or do you play as a giant robot?
The Inpatient – VR psychiatric hospital game from the people that made Until Dawn
Monsters of the deep Final Fantasy 15 – VR fishing set in the FF15 world
Bravo team – VR shooter
Moss – You play as a bubble that solves puzzles for a mouse?
God of War – Shouldn’t it be called God of W4r? – early 2018
Detroit become human – A David Cage game about robot revolution
Destiny 2 – September 6th
Spider-Man – They showed off some of the combat and web swinging. I’m looking forward to this because I love Spider-Man 2018


Xenoblades Chronicles 2 – I never played the first one, is the girl supposed to be his sword? Like Soul Eater? – Holiday 2017
Kirby – a side scrolling kirby game for up to 4 players. It looks like they brought back the kirby 64 mechanic of combining powers by letting kirby mix what he has with his allies – 2018
Core pokemon game on the switch was announced to be in development
Metriod Prime 4 – Nothing shown just the title and that it was in development
Yoshi – It’s a side scrolling game but instead of having 1 path at certain points you can move between a front and back path – 2018
Fire Emblem Warriors – A mash up of Fire Emblem and Dynasty Warriors – Fall 2017
Skyrim Switch
Breath of the Wild DLC and champion amiibo
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – August 29th
Rocket League – Holiday 2017
Super Mario Odyssey – You can use your hat to possess a T-Rex 10/10 GOTY – October 27th

All in all this was a good E3, game companies decided to focus on the games rather then gimmicks (except for EA) and it looks like some really good games are set to come out this and next year. Each conference had at least one thing I’m looking forward to with the game I’m most hyped for is Anthem because I love exosuits. Unfortunately for Xbox it’s not an exclusive so I’ll probably get it on PS4. I’ll have to look at the exclusives on the Xbox more to see if it’s worth the $500 for an Xbox One X (unless someone from microsoft is reading this and wants to send me one for free ;D )

Maybe next year I’ll try and get some people together for a live stream of the conferences so I don’t have to type this all out

Yes I skipped the PC gaming show, the last 2 years I tried watching I found it so boring that it was physically draining

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