Earth Alliance – Kickstarter

Local Orlando Comic creator Launches new Comic book project

Future Earth Entertainment launches a Kickstarter Campaign to
fund its first title Earth Alliance. Future Earth Entertainment is an
upstart creator owned comic book company based in Orlando
Florida and founded by Raymond Fields. Earth Alliance will
serve as the flagship title and begin with a four issue story arc.
Below is a synopsis and trailer from issue one. A link to the
Kickstarter campaign can be found by clicking here. ! !! !

The Story!
In the year 2190, Earth is embroiled
in an interplanetary war with an
aggressive alien race called the
Khuttari. The nations of Earth must decide whether to fight alone or
form an alliance in order to defend the planet. Admiral Benjamin
Ryan, a highly-regarded military leader, is chosen to lead the Earth
Alliance forces and prepare for war. The Khuttari war is not the only
conflict the admiral faces; he is also at odds with his rebellious 18-
year-old son, Thomas. Thomas is headed down the wrong path and
is forced to join the space service at the outset of the war. After
entering the academy, Thomas forms a reluctant mentor
relationship with Captain Miles Harper, the new Academy
commandant. As the war progresses, Thomas and his father find
themselves playing a pivotal role defending Earth from the Khuttari
threat! !
Earth Alliance Trailer!
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