Elite Con Florida Says Cosplay Is Forbidden Within Their Confines

Elite Con, a Florida convention of collectibles and comics are focusing on just that, collectibles and comics. Today they reminded con attendees that cosplay is not admissible to their event and implied they’ll be turned away at the gate should they show up in costume regardless.

Today they posted this:

Facebook comments flared up obviously, and Elite Con already had their answers at the ready. They even had admittedly said they were open to take on any dissenting comments as long as the content remained respectful.

“We are always open to people posting their dissenting opinions if done in a respectful manner. However, we will moderate our page for comments. If you cannot voice your opinion in a respectful way please do not comment. Thank you.”

Although, one could go back and forth all day until they argue semantics, so to what end will the comments be ascertained?  Until convention day?

Update: Well, Elite Con made another update acknowledging the previous heated comments and decided to remove them altogether to shift focus on what their convention is all about. They removed the previous one as noted by the Facebook message further up this article.

If you take a look at the Elite Con website, their mission statement looks to be collector-focused and is mentioned as “A Premium Collectibles Marketplace for Advanced Collectors”. The event was derived from the originally named Central Florida Comic Swap Meet which debuted in 2010. It has touted it self “removed” from the hustle and bustle of the typical busy conventions and sets itself apart from other events with an emphasis on a relaxed atmosphere where others can show off their wares, make trades, and purchases.

Of course, why put up an argument considering there are tons of conventions going on in the state of Florida throughout the year that are not at a loss for cosplaying opportunities. But commenters on the Elite Con social media page accrued throughout the day.

People were even trying to interpret the word “Con” or “Convention” with one person arguing it as a general word defining a gathering place of people where someone else had cited a Wiki-related page to have updated its site to include other activities, one of them cosplay.

However, any Wiki pages are not reliable sources as that site can be edited by anyone.

A Facebook commenter mentioned while at a convention in the UK he figured those places can be crowded as it is and sometimes with the amount of cosplayers in attendance, those elaborate costumes could be considered tripping hazards.

But, just like any businesses, owners do have right to refuse service. The same analogy can apply to this Florida run convention.

The Florida Elite Con is scheduled for this Sunday, March 12 at the Embassy Suites-USF in Tampa, Florida.

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