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An alternate name for this should be Cupcake finally does something with her life, and if there ever comes a time where you need to do the same look no further than The Distant Worlds Philharmonic. Nov. 23rd marked it’s first Florida performance in Miami and featured all of our favorites including Aerith Theme, Those Who Fight, Eyes on Me and an epic finale casting the audience as choir for One Winged Angel.

Although nothing says welcome to rpg heaven like a lavish orchestra performing Fanfare, the music was not the only thing that made this the best concert of all time. Nobuo Uematsu’s humble and charismatic spirit shined throughout the entire show as he walking through the aisles high fives to fans, participated in the performance of a song and even sitting amongst the audience for a large part of the show.
The really great thing about this and all geek events of course were the fans.We had some pretty good cosplayers and there where not one but 2 marriage proposals announced over the stage screen one involving hacked dialogue of an in game scene with Cloud and Aeirth in the church
Of course the highlight of the night was getting to meet Nobuo Uematsu himself WHO TOTALLY TOUCHED ME. My hand..but had he wanted to touch me anywhere else that would have been cool too for future reference…(Why am I so creepy?)

Things to remember when attending Distant Worlds

Dress Code: Mix of casual to formal and even some Cosplay. One thing I noticed is the people with wrist bands to meet Nobuo Uematsu after the show were the ones mostly in formal attire, most of the others were dressed in casual clothing and Cosplayers were few but did make appearances

Flash Photography: HIGHLY frowned upon but it is possible to sneak a pic and a video or two despite the massive amount of ushers patrolling the aisles.

VIPs: Require a wristband, cannot take personal pics with their cell phones and despite the “no personal items” can be signed rule, I did end up getting my Advent Children DVD done so.. I’m assuming the personal items refer to underwear or something…
All in all , if your looking for a stunning performance with an amazing set of talented musicians creating one of the most ultimate experiences of all time definitely check out Distant Worlds
P.S. To the wasted guy in the back yelling all the one liners…..I think I love you.#justsayin

(Pic taken from http://10cent-prince.deviantart.com)



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3 Comments on "Distant Worlds – Miami"

  1. Jon D Harrison December 2, 2013 at 11:47 am - Reply

    Awesome show to be sure! Nobuo’s presence was incredible – all the VIP tix were gone by the time I got around to buying mine, but our seats were great and the entire experience was amazing. Great review!

    • The Cupcakes O_O December 23, 2013 at 11:14 am - Reply

      Yeah I bought mine about 3 hours after they went on sale, definitely go for it when they come back, Nobou is awesome and he can speak English btw I’m like CAN I TELL YOU A STORY!!! O__O!!!!!!!!! This one time at band camp…and the Usher was like OH HELL NO GTFO It was pretty funny

      • Jon D Harrison December 28, 2013 at 4:33 pm - Reply

        HA! that’s awesome. I would like to have interviewed him for my blog – guess that means – next time!

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