Diversely Geek’s Holiday Bash (2015)

NScosplay as sora from Kingdom HeartsDiversely Geek beat Holiday Matsuri to the chase last weekend with its cosplay-meets-charity Holiday Bash at the Gods and Monsters pop culture retail store.

The event brought together fans, cosplayers, gamers, and members of the Diversely Geek community for a one-night, fund-raising spectacular. Through raffles and entry-fee contributions, the event managed to collect a total of 54 toys and over $100 to donate toward Toys for Tots for the holiday season.

Chibi’s Boba collaborated with Gods and Monsters to cater sandwiches and drinks to the 50+ attendees. Top-voted Christmas specials—from Dr. Who to the Polar Express—projected on the backscreen of the store and over the loudspeakers to lure in customers and attendees alike.

Special events included trivia contests, raffles, speed-runs, film screenings, and contests—best “ugly” Christmas sweater and best cosplay. A bow-and-light-bedazzled Master Chief took home the $20 first prize, with a carefully characterized Princess Leia winning second. Cosplayers NSCosplay and Cutsceneaddict were among the competition judges.

A positively festive experience, Diversely Geek’s Holiday Bash over-achieved its donation goals and provided a memorably fun winter experience, perfect for kicking off the Christmas season.

Diversely Geek’s next big event is slated for February. Check back with Florida Geek Scene for additional news and information on upcoming Cons and pop culture events!

Composed of over 7,000 members worldwide, Diversely Geek is centered in Florida as a safe haven for geeks of all fandoms, shapes, and sizes to come together in a safe, tolerant, and positive environment, promoting mental and physical health and building social relationships with others. Professionals, educators, and artists play active roles within the Diversely Geek community, and the organization hopes to uphold the true, original meaning of fandom in the midst of an ever-critical and increasingly competitive environment.

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