FCBD And Star Wars Day At Tates Comics In Broward County Florida

Hello all, and this is another event report for Free Comic Book Day 2013, this time in Broward County Florida. The store I visited was none other than the famous Tate’s Comics, which not only had this event going on, but another one as well: The annual May The 4th Be With You, featuring members of the local 501st Imperial Garrison, the largest Star Wars related club.

Most of you already know that in May, specifically on May the 4th (which is set aside for all those who support the Galactic Rebellion), as well as the 5th (aka Revenge of the 5th, set aside for those who support the Galactic Empire), there are huge gatherings everywhere of Star Wars fans to commemorate the month of May, which is related to when George Lucas released his Star Wars films: New Hope (5/25/1977), Empire (5/21/1980), Jedi (5/25/1983- which this yr marks as the 30th ann. and final film prior to the release of the prequels), Phantom Menace (5/19/99), Attack of The Clones (5/16/02), and Revenge of The Sith (5/19/05), this year being no different than any other to the point of Disney having its annual Star Wars Weekends, both at Disney World’s Hollywood studios, as well as Disneyland (this year being more special since their acquisition of Lucasfilm from George Lucas late last year, as well as the announcement of Episode 7 for sometime in 2015) . I’ll get back into why this event was special at Tate’s later.

Going into Free Comic Book Day, this year had its usual assortment of different free comics ranging from DC (tying into the new Superman movie in June, as well as the upcoming DC Nation’s The Batman animated series), to Marvel (tying into the current Age of Ultron miniseries as a prequel of sorts, as well as another book that will tie into another upcoming series called Infinity, plus an all ages Avengers book as well) to Dark Horse (this year’s offering was another flipbook- Star Wars on one side, Nickelodeon’s Avatar on the other), as well as many other publishers in the comic industry. This day was also great because there several people, myself included, who dressed up as their favorite comic book characters, ranging from my choice of becoming an amalgamated Dr. Hugo Strange (comic book and The Batman-2002 animated series) to Marvel’ own Guardians of The Galaxy represented by Bug, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Starlord as well as Deadpool. There was also other people dressed up as well, but i missed the rest of them unfortunately because I left early after getting my choices of free books (5 from the choices list, plus 2 exclusives to Tate’s, which included free coupons on discounts on your next purchases at his store). All in all this was great, but what made it even better was the bonus add-on of the May The 4th event, which I shall now go into brief detail.

Going back into May the 4th, this year’s offering at Tate’s was that if you visited his store, as well as the Gaming satellite 3 doors down, and participated in the new Star Wars game offerings there, you would receive a free prize. The prize consisted of an official 501st Patch, which I received the last one, since i got in early enough to get one after trying out the new Star Wars LCG game. This game consists of both the Dark and Light Side, much like Decipher’s much missed Star Wars CCG, but there are a lot of differences between both games.

First off- CCG means Collectible Card Game, while LCG stands for Live Card Game. Second, in a CCG game, your rares are randomly inserted, especially for powerful cards that boost your abilities in game, whereas in an LCG game, the rares have no such distribution and youre guaranteed to get them in every pack you purchase. Third, whereas in SW:CCG the objective was for one side to cause the other side to have no cards eft to play in hand, thus winning the game, in the LCG version, you can win by one of three ways:1.cause your opponent to run out of cards in hand to play; 2.eliminate 3 of your opponents objectives on his side by placing damage tokens on them during battles; 3. if youre playing the dark side, the death star’s counter moves to 12 before the light side eliminates 3 of your objectives on their turns.

This game was easy to learn, but you do have to pay attention while playing so you dont lose count of played tokens (damage, Force used, etc.), but it was a good game overall, with one expansion currently out to change up the game a bit. Each side can als mix and match their decks to how they want to set their decks: Dark Side- Imperials, Sith, Gangsters and Thieves; Light Side- Rebels, Sngglers and Spies, Jedi. Once you set up your deck, it can only be of one of the 3 categories mentioned above, with that category as your majority in deck.

All in all, this was a great Free Comic Book Day/May The 4th Be With You for this reporter, and i cant wait til next year to see what’s in store on both days.

reporter’s note: sorry for the delay on this article but it was due to soome photo upload issues which have now been since corrected on my end. again thanx for your patience


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