Gods & Monsters 2017 Grand Re-Opening Excites Geek Culture Enthusiasts

This past Saturday the Gods & Monsters comic shop celebrated its grand re-opening as it had relocated from the recently closed Artegon Market location. It isn’t that far away from the old location as it’s still just off of International Drive.

Just outside the entry to the store were a variety of vendors such as the Coffee Shop of Horrors that provided some go-go juice to keep one’s energy sustained throughout the course of the evening. Artists such as GenkiGoth, Dennis Hansbury, Bonnie Wong, Morgan Wilson, Vaughn Belak, Justin DeTiki Tanner, Edmund Dan’s art, Edbot 5000, and Morgan Birch dazzled patrons with their creative works.

With the upcoming 2017 Power Rangers movie comes the perfect timing of the Rangerstop booth as they were promoting their own convention and had on display numerous products paying ode to the franchise.

Medieval Times Orlando had their representative Knight of the Realm on location for photo ops as well as Sir Loin, Gods & Monsters’ resident mascot.

G & M’s Own Sir Loin


There were also quite a few cosplayers in attendance. The following is only but a few. The rest can be found at the Gods & Monsters Facebook page.

Tuxedo Joker


Walking Dead Meets Doctor Who


Harley Quinn Likes Her Puddin’


Phoenix Strikes A Pose

To tickle the nostalgia bone, Bill Silvey ran an Original D&D game, ’74 edition, and it was quite the positive experience to be had considering those who participated in the Saturday RPG.

“Some positivity: one of the great things about yesterday’s OD&D game at Gods & Monsters was that I was running Original D&D. Most people were drawn to the visual aspect of the Dwarven Forge setup, but everyone at the table – I mean, everyone – enjoyed the game.”

It appears everyone at the table had an understanding and those who weren’t so sure about getting themselves involved, broke out of their shell due to the sheer welcoming environment of the DM and the players. It was indeed a day of divine intervention!

At 10:30 p.m. Aurelio Voltaire performed throughout the evening and the partial $6 per head proceeds went to support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

They should be later opening up a vault dweller themed bar in the future for libations and the like. I suggested a hot tub (time machine?) to Anna and she was quite tempted at the idea. Just kidding.

Todd and Anna do such great and hard work. The passion that emboldens their entrepreneurial spirit has shown through!

For those who haven’t visited the new Gods & Monsters location it can be found over at the Orlando Crossings plaza at 5421 International Drive.


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