Holiday Matsuri 2013

 Holiday Matsuri is a name quickly making its way across Central Florida. So much so, that in only it’s 2nd year run, it seems to have outgrown their current location and have recently announced it’s expantion to a larger hotel which spans 40,000+ square feet of convention space, meaning more room for panels, events and special guests.

Though Matsuri seems at first to be towards the younger generation, come evening time, I found that with panels like The Yaoi Pajama Party, Dub That Hentai and Derpy Does Dallas, there really was something for everyone.

We also can’t forget about Kent Ward of Propeller anime, rockin’ Nerdy Music for Anime Fans & Gamers as well as the the much anticipated Richie Branson concert. Forget sexy, this dude brought Toonami back

Special guests included: The ever iconic Sean Schemmel (who is the most awesome person ever btw) J. Michael Tatum and Christina Vee to name a few. Chris Sabat also made an appearance, braving a pretty bad cold to be there for his fans.

One of the things I really loved most about this convention though is it’s Holiday theme, giving Cosplayers the opportunity to really get creative with their costumes and take them in areas where you might not think to. My personal favorite would have to be the 104th squad members equipped with presents in place of their 3DMS and yielding candy cane blades.


photo (1)

You won’t find Colossal Claus at Megacon, people!

Covering the event live was True Geek Radio, which has personally been a pretty big inspiration for me in doing whatever it takes to keep show going and held some pretty cool interviews along with fun ways to engage guests.

All in all, this con was a blast and a great way to kick off the holidays. Thanks, Holiday Matsuri, for making Christmas fun again.


CUPCAK-WAIT! I took pics!!



photo (6) photo (5)

Most of my time was spent stalking this guy…


photo (3) photo (4)
Armored Titan was the present/Try to spot Santa Levi



photo photo (2)

Nothing Says Merry Christmas like Ice Queen and Psycho Mantis!



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