Ongaku Overdrive 2: An Anime & Video Game Music Festival


May 10th 2014 was Ongaku Overdrive 2. If you don’t know about OO2 it’s a local anime and video game related music festival put together by Orlando local Kent Ward. Here is the link to my event report from last years Ongaku Overdrive, which was just as awesome!

This year we were turned on to Professor Shyguy and many duos that he did along with Marc with a C, Rai Kamishiro, Richie Branson, Mega Ran and others. This years show included musical acts by Danimal Cannon, MagiTek, Final Weapon, Cashamill Anime Boy, Sci-Fried, Benjamin Briggs, Richie Branson, Rai Kamishiro, Professor Shyguy, Mega Ran, Adam WarRock, and Armcannon was the closer of the show.

This years OO2 was held at The Haven Lounge in Winter Park, which was maybe a better place to hold the show since it’s more central to many fans, but I felt that Club Taste from last years OO was a larger venue and had a slightly better setup between the merch tables and the stage.

None the less, Ongaku Overdrive 2 was a great show, with a slew of many awesome performers, and it was tight, starting off with a bang and kept going steadily til the end. I didn’t have a chance this year to get any interviews or get any video as my video camera shut down on me, but their is always next year.

Ongaku Overdrive is one of the shows that I now wait for and make sure to have on my list of attending and help promote via Florida Geek Scene. Until next year!


See more pictures from Ongaku Overdrive 2 on our Instagram.


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