Orlando Soccer Challenge


This event wasn’t really for the geek, but my girlfriend and I were in Orlando and saw this going on, so we thought we’d go check it out. For the most part I’m not a sports fan, well unless were talking about “Professional Wrestling” and I wouldn’t be a fan of wrestling if it wasn’t “real”. After all if it wasn’t real they wouldn’t call it “professional”. We walked around for about a half hour and mainly saw a few people playing Soccer on a fenced in field and others eating from food trucks. Let’s talk about the food trucks, this was my favorite part, eating and the food.

The few food trucks that were there made this event for me, and when I asked them what the event was they didn’t even know, one guy just answered “some Soccer thing” and that much I knew already. Something else that was pretty great was that one of the sponsors of the event was Kellogg’s and they were giving away free Krave cereal, but to get it you had to take a ridiculous photo with a giant piece of cereal that they were supposed to send to you in e-mail.

The thing about me is that I love taking ridiculous pictures, so me and a giant piece of cereal, yeah for sure! That was a no brainer. The thing is that the girl taking the pictures wasn’t too amused by my “I wanna take a picture with your giant piece of cereal pose” and she was kind of a bitch about it, maybe she just didn’t realize that she had a job asking people to take pictures with a giant piece of cereal? I mean how can you be so serious when walking up to a person and asking them if they want to take a photo with a giant piece of foam rubber latex that is supposed to be cereal?

So I waited for that photo, but the reality is that Kellogg’s was just collecting e-mail addresses for some marketing purpose all while most likely laughing about the fact that they got a bunch of people like myself to take stupid photos with their giant piece of cereal. That’s fine, I’m good at looking stupid and at times have enjoyed it. Lastly let me just say that the box of Double Chocolate Krave cereal was amazing! And in the end even though I still want my picture with that giant piece of cereal, munching down that box of Krave made up for it.


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