Star Wars Night at Marlins Park

Geeks and jocks hanging out together! Is it the end times or are we in stuck in some sort of Bizarro world? No folks, it’s just the Third Annual Star Wars Night at Marlins Park. On September 27th, fanboys and sports fans gathered together in Miami for the festivities.

With attendance low for Marlins games, it was a boon to have costumed Star Wars fans show up en masse to attend a game. Not being a big sports fan myself, I attended solely for this reason. The evening started with Darth Vader marching out onto the field escorted by two members of the Emperor’s Imperial Guard.

After that we were treated to the Marlins roster on the big screen done in Star Wars fashion. Of course set to John Williams’ timeless music and with each member given a unique Star Wars background when being introduced.

Throughout the night, fans could drop by the photo booth and take pictures with characters, Star Wars themed videos played on the big screen and the real fun happened during the 7th inning stretch where a collection of Star Wars characters gathered on the field to dance.

To top it all off, the Marlins were victorious over the Tigers 3-2. A great evening for the die-hard sports fans and the Star Wars fans alike!


Shane Hannafey
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I am a corporate video producer and filmmaker by trade and that career choice came out of my love of movies. I grew up in New York, but moved to Florida in my early teens and have been there ever since. Watching Flash Gordon serials, Star Trek and Doctor Who episodes from an early age fostered my love of all things science fiction. I'm a fan of almost everything scifi, horror, fantasy and comics. My two favorite movies of all time are Highlander and The Road Warrior.

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