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Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending the craziness that comes with Tate’s Comics annual comic sales on Saturday April 6th, and Sunday April 7th.

This year marks the 20th anniversary since Tate Ottati opened up his first comic shop in Lauderhill in 1993, after selling his shares of Marvel Comics stock that he had for collateral. Since then, the store has only moved twice in its history, as well as expanded with its Gaming Satellite, which features many RPG’s, as well as CCG’s such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic:The Gathering, and other games like the Heroclix series.

This anniversary was unlike any other of his other anniversary sales, since this year featured not only a cake cutting to celebrate on Sunday, but there was also an interactive exhibit showcasing his 20 yrs, with all the various t-shirts printed for his store. The exhibit also showcased the various highlights of the store’s history, including the presentation in 2009 of the Will Eisner Spirits of Comics Retailer Award, a prestigious award given out once in a comic shop’s lifetime for the following criteria, but not limited to:

• Supporting a wide variety of innovative material.
• Providing opportunities for creators’ material to reach buyers; stocking a diverse inventory.
• Knowledge: Working to stay informed on retailing as well as on the comics field.
• Community activity: Promoting comics to the community; maintaining relationships with schools and libraries; keeping active in social, business, and arts community organizations.
• Quality of store image: Using innovative display approaches; using store design creatively.
• Adhering to standard ethical business practices

The interactive exhibit also highlighted the various stores Tate’s has been in, including the current location of 4566 N University Dr, Lauderhill, FL 33351. To end the exhibit on video, there was even a funny highlight of Tate in 2055 looking back on his store’s illustrious career as he’s sitting on a chair at a rest home, as well as some bloopers added in for fun and some fun sequences by the 3000 Brigade.

Besides the interactive exhibit, there was a bounce house for children 10 and under, free t-shirt silk screen pritings if you brought your own shirt (or $5 if you wanted to purchase a blank one from them), and face paintings for the kids, as well as a mini-version of the store front window design that you could place your face in and take pics of yourself outside. There were also a few people who came in costume to the anniversary sale as well, from Spiderman, to Dr. Doom (wearing the Infinity Gauntlet), to even a Harley Quinn (done beautifully by Mad Mel Madigan (check out her facebook page) specially for the anniversay sale) and Bane.

But of course, who can forget the highlight of this: The annual sale located both outside in a tent, where comics sold for $.25 each/5 for $1, or fill a longbox for $35 or a shortbox for $25; toys 2 for $10 or $6 each, 50% off graphic novels or bundled sets, as well as inside the store where all new books were 10% off, and all back issues were 50% off, and all graphic novels were 20% off. All other merchandise inside was 10% off as well, ranging from toys to statues.

Overall, this sale was very memorable and enjoyable, not to mention this writer also scored on some great products, as well as taking home a $25 shortbox of books to add to my personal collection.

For more information on Tate’s Comics click the link here.



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