Ultracon 2015 -Adrienne Arsht Center 9/12/15

Hi all, and welcome once again to another one of my con reviews. This time I’m going not into a con review, but moreso into brief details about a special event that was held at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami on Sat. 9/12/15. This event featured Ultracon as one of the events on the agenda for the day. This event with Ultracon was free and open to the public (a first), and featured a few artists and tables as always with various items, ranging from comics, to collectibles, to various other items.


Video credit: Kerry Cepero

The featured cosplay guest was S15 cosplay, who does a great Incredible Hulk cosplay, as well as other cosplay roles. This show was completely packed from the time it opened until the time it closed, as many people walked through the event while it seems that they were getting their cards stamped, as Ultracon was one of the events you had to attend in order to get a special prize from the Arsht Center that day. There were several cosplayers who attended the event, and the most popular ones it seems for pic opportunities were both Spiderman and S15 as Hulk.


Video credit: floridacosplay.org

There was also a cosplay contest with a grand prize of $200 to the winner. Overall, this event was a great success for both the center and Ultracon’s promoter, Irving Santiago, to whom I tip my hat to, given he was there in person at the event, and later went to Orlando for the Space Coast Comic Con the next day as he was set up there as well for the weekend. I hope to see another such event in the future at the Arsht Center with Ultracon, and so as not to forget- The Next Ultracon convention will be in Nov. at the West Palm Beach fairgrounds, located next door to the Cruzan Amphitheater on the same grounds, and that show will be held Sat. Nov. 21 and Sun. Nov.22. tickets are on sale online right now at the website: Ultracon of South Florida . As always, this is the JDOC and see you next con.


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