Anime Nite Orlando Celebrates(?) the Anime Apocalypse at Bikkuri Lounge

On Thursday, August 18th at Bikkuri Lounge in Orlando is a post-apocalyptic edition of Anime Nite Orlando, hosted by Propeller Anime. With an interesting election year already, it may best to be ready for a future not filled with love, flowers, and all things kawaii.

With that said, three anime with a tone so violent that it makes Mad Max look like Disney will be shown; Fist of the North Star Zero: Legend of Kenshiro, MD Geist, and Violence Jack. Fist of the North Star Zero is actually a prequel to the iconic anime and manga series and a solid jumping point for new fans. None of these anime are for the feint of heart and for that reason, the event will be 18+. It is however, free to attend.

Not only that, Bikkuri Lounge features a full bar with drink specials and Japanese restaurant across the hall that you can order sushi and such from. If you can handle the brutality over delicious dinner, Bikkuri Lounge is located at 1919 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL and doors open at 8pm.


Kent Ward
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Kent Ward was created from the combination of anime, classic videogames, and pro wrestling. His obsession with crazy cartoons from Japan led to the founding of Propeller Anime, a prominent anime club in Orlando, FL. Kent also runs Ongaku Overdrive, a music festival dedicated to all sorts of music inspired by anime, videogames, and all things geeky. You can follow him on twitter @FistoftheMFK.

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