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Alot of people don’t realize the Seminole tribe has another Casino just down the street from the Hard Rock. It was old and felt like you were in a warehouse instead of a casino. It wasn’t a surprise that more people would choose the more exciting Hard Rock. Luckily that’s starting to change because the Seminole Casino Hollywood has been completely renovated. The atmosphere is fun, the staff is friendly and the games are all new. I’ll definatelly be adding the Hollywood to my rotation of frequented casinos.

Saturday October, 1st the Casino hosted a 20+ gourmet food truck rally and a free Sideshow. The event had a nice turnout and brought plenty of visitors to a once forgotten location. It’s smart to host events like these and i’m hoping they do it again in the near future.

The food truck rally was organized by Miami Food Trucks. Groups like Miami Food Trucks and Gourmet Food Truck Expo have been spreading the Food Truck craze across South Florida. The concept is pretty simple, put a bunch of different trucks in one location and a huge amount of people will show up and eat. Some people bring their own chairs but I don’t mind walking around and trying the different trucks. The best part is there’s such a variety of food, it’s like an international mall food court. Everything from sushi to churros, burgers to breakfast, grilled cheese to cupcakes, etc. etc.

CheeseMe Mobile

I had the Kobe Beef Melt. A 6oz Kobe beef patty on Rye bread with sauteed onions and Fontina cheese. With the cheese and the onions it was kind’ve messy but that’s nothing some extra napkins won’t take care of. The beef was juicy and it was one of the best burgers i’ve ever had. CheeseMe’s main draw is their grilled cheese sandwich that you customize to order, will try it next time.

B.C. Tacos

I had the T-Rex, a very simple taco comprised of blackened chicken, lettuce & cheddar cheese. While the taco may have been simple the taste was very good, the chicken was cooked perfectly. The green salsa on the side was fantastic. B.C. Tacos have a large menu with plenty of Taco options and great prices. Would definitely visit again.

Sugar Rush

Dessert is the best way to finish dinner so we split the Krispy Kreme bread pudding and the Rocky Road Cheesecake. The Krispy Kreme bread pudding comes with an espresso sauce and it was AWESOME. The Rocky Road Cheesecake was ok but a little too sweet for me. Sugar Rush has a huge selection of reasonably priced gourmet desserts for the sweetest of sweet tooths.

With dinner out of the way, let’s get to the evening’s entertainment.

There was a touring sideshow having 3 performances throughout the night. Circus sideshows & freak shows have been running since the early 1900’s, showing us the twisted and macabre curiosities that we never knew we wanted to see. Freak shows are nothing new to Florida, the town of Gibonston also known as “Freaktown” was built by these interesting characters.

Hellzapoppin: A Sideshow Revue – Featuring ‘The Lizard Man’

Hailing from Dallas, Texas the Hellzapoppin Sideshow Review put on one hell of a show. Their traveling show has been all over the United States and throughout Europe (where some of their performers are from). While showing respect to the classic circus sideshows, Hellzapoppin makes it their own with rock ‘n’ roll burlesque awesomeness.

Bryce “The Govna” Graves (Texas) is the mohawked MC of the show. Quick witted and a performer himself he guides the audience through their freaky journey.

To start the show the lovely ladies of Hellzapoppin including Evilyn Frantic (Finland), Miss Maryanne Magdalen (Finland), Chelsea NoPants (LA), & Jai L’ Bait (Mexico City) all did a fire act. Which was followed by The Govna blowing a huge fireball. It was unfortunate that it was so windy outside which clearly affected the flames, but it was still a great job.

Up next was special guest but no stranger to Hellzapoppin, Erik “The Lizardman” Sprague (Texas). The Lizardman is one of the most famous freaks in the world today and has appeared on Ripley’s Believe it Or Not. While covered in a 700 hour tattoo, ridged eyebrows and two tongues he’s also hilarious and knows how to work a crowd. His first act was the ‘Lizard Blockhead’ where he pounded a nail into his skull and had an audience member pull it out.

Evilyn Frantic then swallowed an entire balloon without it popping.

With the assistance of Chelsea NoPants, Miss Magdalen climbed up a ladder of machetes. She also climbed down the ladder of machetes without looking.

Hailing from parts unknown the next performer was the infamous Mr. Buggles. Oh who am I kidding, Mr. Buggles is an adorable Pug who did awesome tricks including  a fantastic “play dead”.

Since the balloon was dinner, Evilyn broke open and ate the glass of a lightbulb for dessert. Yes you read correctly, she ate lightbulb glass.

With a nod to the great Houdini the Lizardman managed to escape from a straight jacket.

Miss Magdalen laid down on a bed of nails while an audience member stood on top of her. Not stopping there, the Govna smashed a concrete brick on her chest while on said bed of nails.

The Govna then shot popcorn out of his tear ducts followed by the Lizardman putting a corkscrew through his face.

Next was Miss Magdalen swallowing a coat hanger and bending it in her stomach. While Chelsea NoPants swallowed a sword and a pool cue.

The finale of the show was Jai L’ Bait going into a box that The Govna proceeded to fill with blades.

All in all this was one hell of a show and i’d love to see it again. Check out Hellzapoppin’s website to find out when their carnival of curiosities is coming to your town.


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