Kira Kira Pop J-Pop & Chiptune Dance Party At Bikkuri Lounge

This Friday, June 3rd will be a dance party of most kawaii proportions at Bikkuri Lounge in Orlando, FL. The people who brought Kawaii Till We Die and and Play It Loud present Kira Kira Pop, a live celebration of all things J-Pop, Anison(what?), & Japanese Idol.

Bikkuri Lounge, with it’s amazing sound, lighting, and neighboring Japanese restaurant is the perfect location for this kind of dance party and there will be live performances by Slime Girls(!), Hoshikuzu Kid, Cherry Wallflower, and Skybox. The show will be hosted by local maid cafe group Cafe Peko Peko, Of course, cosplay is encouraged at this event.

Kira Kira Pop is free but you must be over 18+ to attend. Doors open at 9:00pm and Bikkuri Lounge is located at 1919 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803


Kent Ward
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Kent Ward was created from the combination of anime, classic videogames, and pro wrestling. His obsession with crazy cartoons from Japan led to the founding of Propeller Anime, a prominent anime club in Orlando, FL. Kent also runs Ongaku Overdrive, a music festival dedicated to all sorts of music inspired by anime, videogames, and all things geeky. You can follow him on twitter @FistoftheMFK.

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