mc chris Touring Florida This Week

This week, mc chris, one of the most prolific and controversial emcees in nerdcore hip hop, will be touring through Florida this week. Joining him will be comedian Nathan Anderson and they will be in Gainesville, Orlando, and Tampa. Below are the dates and venues of their Florida tour stops:

February 24th – Gainesville – High Dive (tickets)
February 25th – Orlando – The Social (tickets)
February 26th – Tampa – Crowbar (tickets)

About mc chris:

MC Chris is a cartoon making rapper that helped start Adult Swim as an animator, writer, voice actor, song writer and on air producer. He’s been touring the country for 8 years and making albums for 12. From the suburbs of Chicago he studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and was a graduate of dramatic writing at Tisch at NYU. He studied with the Upright Citizens Brigade and worked on Michael Moore’s The Awful Truth before being discovered by Adult Swim one year before its launch.

You might know him from Aqua Teen Hunger Force as MC Pee Pants or young Carl. He also was animator for the show and composed four songs, one of which, “I Want Candy” was featured in both the show and the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie. He also was in the ATHF video game.

mc chris starred in Sealab 2021 as Hesh and various other characters. And there he was also a writer and head animator.

He starred in The Brak Show where he was animator, sound editor and book keeper. He penned two episodes one of which was a rap musical starring Cee-Lo Green.

Besides being an on-air producer producing the first spots for Family Guy, Futurama and Robot Chicken, mc starred in over 50 cartoons for AS as well as four different pilots, Welcome to Eltingville, Cheyenne Cinnamon, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell and Tight Bros.

Lately he’s been doing a lot of work with Kevin Smith. You might have heard his song, “fett’s vette” in “Zak and Miri Make a Porno,” or one of his many Smodcast themes, including the intro to “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” which is featured on the DVD and Netflix. Most recently he composed two songs for “Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie,” including the Bluntman and Chronic theme song and the closing credits song, “Fuck a Critic in the Mouth.”

His song “hoodie ninja” was featured in a national honda commercial as well as American’s Funniest Home Videos.

His fanbase of over 200,000 loyal die hard followers is always eager to consume his latest offering, which includes a sequel to his batman album called “FOES”a sequel to his popular children album called “Marshmellow Campground” and his 8th full length album, “mc chris foreverrr.”

About Nathan Anderson:

Nathan Anderson started comedy in 2004 in Oklahoma City. He lives in New York with his wife Olga, and two cats, Sartre & Simone.

He’s performed at comedy clubs across the country, working with headliners including Jim Jeffries, Brian Posehn, Doug Benson and Bobcat Goldthwait. In 2007, he was featured in Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight. In 2012, he created /r/standupshots on reddit. From 2012-2013, he produced /r/standup at UCB and The Creek & Cave in New York. When not performing, he spends most of his time playing Hearthstone and working through his Steam backlog.


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