Mega Ran, Kadesh Flow, Bit Brigade, and The Megas Tour Florida, including Mega Mania!

Fans of great video game music and Mega Man are hyped this week as Mega Mania: 30 Years of the Blue Bomber will be taking on Saturday, December 2nd at The Geek Easy in the Orlando area (Winter Park, specifically). And leading up to Mega Mania, there will be a tour of shows that go through Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Tampa.

Mega Mania will be an all-day event with concerts at night featuring The Megas, Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, and Kadesh Flow performing music tributes to the Mega Man game franchise. During the day, there will be a Mega Man mini-con with artists, vendors, video game setups, a costume contest, prize raffle, and themed specialty drinks. Even Capcom has supported the event with social media posts and prize support!

For those unfamiliar, The Megas perform rock renditions of iconic Mega Man music with lyrics. Bit Brigade does live NES video game speedruns while the band plays the game soundtrack in real-time. (They will be performing Mega Man II this Saturday.) Mega Ran is the greatest nerd-influenced rapper, with tons of video game and Mega Man raps. Last but not least, Kadesh Flow is on the rise with a bunch of great anime, video game, and nerdy life raps. as well.

The Megas will only be at Mega Mania, but Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, and Kadesh Flow will be on respective tours that will lead them to Orlando. Here are the list of stops:

11/30 Gainesville – High Dive (Bit Brigade, Cartridge Carnage, and Drew Love, Tickets)
11/30 Jacksonville – Nighthawks (Mega Ran, Kadesh Flow, and Alfred Banks, Tickets)
12/1 Tampa – Lowry Parcade (Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, Kadesh Flow w/ guests, Tickets)
12/2 Orlando – The Geek Easy (The Megas, Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, and Kadesh Flow, Tickets)

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